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"Add A Link": Ready, Aim Fire! Facebook Target Google With In-house Article Hosting.


It looks like Google’s plan for World Wide Web domination is ever creeping into the periphery of our ‘net-glazed eyes. Facebook addsfeatured videos to topple YouTube, introduces trends to attract Twitter’s traffic, and now, they’re going after search engines and long stays; possibly their first fully fledged attack on the looming giant Google. The amalgamating contortion of the blurred lines between the social media sites seems to slowly lead us into a state of incestuous madness. Is the answer to “What do I do and share where?” to jam every function and online social frivolity into one white and blue place (Facebook)? Or should these media titans stick to what they do best and, rather than expand, seek to refine their unique user use?

Under the pretence of de-cluttering through a helpful restructuring, the intention behind Facebook’s latest encroachment is to keep users from leaving the site when reading articles attached to status updates.


The search engine has been rolled out for testing in the U.S, with iOS users given the option to ‘Add A Link' when sharing a status. Although publishing and news sites could suffer considerably from the loss of traffic, it is Google who are set to take the biggest hit.

The New York Times have already struck a deal with Facebook, allowing them to host NYT articles in full, without the need to leave the site. But as you can imagine, this privilege doesn’t come for free.  Lacking the intimate details, we cannot know precisely how the agreement will benefit both parties, but what we do know is that the revenue from hosted articles will be divided respectively.  This kind of deal, we expect, will be offered to a number of publishers as the “Add A Link” button is more widely implemented.

Google, however, have found no such luck and will therefore have their traffic directly attacked by Facebook’s new feature. Niche though the area is, the benefits of using Facebook’s “Add A Link” to search for articles notably outweigh those of Google, and with an already evident decline in news searches due to mobile web browsing, this can only spell bad news for the company.

The Facebook search engine has a number of benefits exclusive to article searching, most of which are born from the mountain of data they have collected over the years. Facebook have indexed somewhere in the region of one trillion shared posts and, better yet, have free access to it. They will use this in order to tailor search results, knowing what’s likely go viral and what a certain audience may appreciate. With Facebook gaining 70% of their advertising revenue from mobile, they are keen to keep users within the site for as long as possible. If prolonged user stay is achieved by Facebook, Google could be put under enormous pressure to re-attract traffic as not to be rendered redundant and over taken by the genius of Facebook.

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