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How to be Uber at Marketing

Marketing is never easy. Businesses want news of their product to reach as many people as quickly and cheaply as possible. You may have heard of Uber? If you haven’t, you’re about to. Uber is going to teach you about what it takes to achieve positive marketing, and then you can tell your friends.  

What is Uber?
Ultimately, Uber is a taxi company. Providing customers with an exclusive private driver experience through the simplicity of connecting riders and drivers though their apps.

How is Uber relevant to marketing?  
Uber provides a good product, like most businesses! The key is highlighting the positives and giving incentives to customers to advocate the experiences they have to others.

Let’s break down how Uber achieves this step by step.  


No need to call, simply download the app on your phone and immediately know how far away the closest Uber (driver) is from you. Not sure how much it’s going to cost? Uber’s GPS gives you an estimate fare based on time and distance, so you know approximately how much you’ll be up for. Cashless? Or don’t have the correct change? Conveniently, after your journey Uber's app charges your card and does not accept tips.

Control to the Customer

Ubers app shows you Uber drivers profiles and provides you a selection of candidates. You can see a photo of your driver, how far away he is from your location and reviews from previous riders. Passengers can rate a driver anonymously on a scale ranging from 1 – 5. A driver needs to maintain a 4.7 to stay employed.


When you open the app, you see “Everyone’s Private Drive” along with a black and white photo of people exiting a sleek car with big smiles. This leads you to think you will be exclusive chauffeured to your location with a friendly driver who genuinely cares about your journey. That’s exactly what you experience but oddly it’s very egalitarian; Uber offers rides for the people, by the people, because anyone can be an Uber driver.   

People Marketing

So getting to your destination was simple, safe and enjoyable, so what? Uber provides you with a good incentive to talk about your suddenly ‘unbelievable’ experience. Put simply, free rides. A shocking 95% of Ubers marketing has been word of mouth, meaning Uber spends virtually nothing on marketing. Uber provides all riders with promo codes to give to potential customers, allowing advocates and future customers a free ride at the value of £20.   


By promoting Uber, you become part of a movement. You have an Uber app on your phone, you order Uber to chauffeur you around and now you’re telling anyone and everyone about Uber. You’ll start using catch phases “Whose Uber’ing it?” turning Uber into a verb. Suddenly, you become another preaching customer part of an ever expanding Uber movement and why shouldn’t you be? Uber is great!  

Let’s summarize how to Uber at marketing and how you can too.

1.       Keep your product simple. Take out as many hassles as possible. If there is a way to package or make your products experience simpler – do it!

2.       Allow your customers to compare your products. Give your customer options but not too many. Let them provide feedback too! It allows the customer to feel like they’re in control. Ideally making it their idea to buy your product, as if it wasn’t your excellent marketing that made them desperately need to buy your product!

3.       Ensure your product is an enjoyable experience. Examine your target audience. Why are they buying your products or experience? What are they using them for? How can you make that as enjoyable as possible? Try and think outside the box. This will put you ahead of your competitors.

4.       Give your customers an incentive to talk about their experience with your product! This could be free trials, samples or discounts off their next order for them and future customers. This will create a positive vibe amongst current and future customers and you will save on advertising.

5.       Feed your movement. Give your customers different ways to worship your product. Do they have phones? Create an app, link it to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email, newsletters. Create catchy phases and take snapshots of your customers enjoying your products and then let your customers work for you. 

Jessica Smith 

Australian girl, Jessica is loving England but is missing the sunshine! She loves writing, dogs and plays hockey! Follow her @JessicaAtSMF

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