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Snapchatting Priest is Taking Digital Confessions

Snap and Confess

An anonymous priest in San Antonio, Texas is now absolving the sins of Snapchat users.


Given the app’s history it is unsurprising that Snapchatters have one or two sins to confess. However, the mysterious priest who goes by the name @priestDavid is causing controversy around Texas, as local religious leaders question his intentions. Snapchat is a one of a kind app which deletes both pictures and messages only seconds after opening them. What could be a more ideal platform to discuss secrets on? With a target audience of 13-25 year olds, there is an abundance of young and impressionable people using Snapchat.

Many of the Catholic reverends in Texas are asking young people not to use the service, concerned that the stranger they are confessing to, may not even be a member of the church. My apprehension to trust “David” is fuelled by what I know about Snapchat as an app.

Within months of Snapchat’s initial release, hacks were developed with names like Snapbox and SnapSpy. These apps, which are easily acquired through the app store, allow users to save all their received Snapchats without even notifying the user. This allows the user to create a bank of images that the sender would have assumed were deleted long ago.


With a background as notorious as this, it seems hard to accept anything wholesome can come of Snapchat.

@priestDavid will be taking confessions from March 2nd to March 16th and he has claimed his 2 week long Snapchat experiment is part of college student’s project, which in turn begs the question, how private are these Snaps?

It is unclear whether @priestDavid is definitely a member of the Church but he states that he has been a priest for 23 years.

It could be really tragic and sad that an innocent priest cannot find new mediums to spread the good word and engage with a younger audience without being accused of grooming. However, there are churches and traditional ways for these young people to make their confessions, if they wish to do so.

It’s a tough call to make whilst @priestDavid is remaining anonymous, but let’s just hope he doesn't have a Snaphack.

Editor Note: The @priestDavid is a Snapchat handle, not a Twitter one. The user with that handle on Twitter is the not priest mentioned in this article!

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