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Blogger To Be Featured On Vogue's Front Cover

Vogue Cover Hosts Blogger: The Blonde Salad Blogs her way to the top.

One of the internet’s most optimistic attributes is its non-discriminating distribution of knowledge and opportunity. It has allowed many, many people to rise above the crowd, through the clouds and soar to -or fall from- success. A recent realisation of this trajectory appeared in The April edition of Vogue Spain, where the first of a tidal wave of internet sensations splashed her way onto the prestigiously emaciated magazine’s front cover.


Now this may come as a shock, but she is not your bog-standard blogger. Here, we are not talking about a twenty-plus (…thirty), noughties whiz-kid drumming Dorito-stained fingers on a battered laptop from a well lived in bedroom. Here, we are discussing a girl who has cast herself, naked, into the flames of fashion and emerged eyes smoldering through smoky lids and lashes, draped in the hellish colours of a summer sunset, dazzlingly darkening.

Chiara Ferragni, aka ‘The Blonde Salad’, is the first blogger in the entire history of the world to appear on the front cover of Vogue magazine Spain. The combination of a great work ethic, driving persistence, original style and luck in the birth lottery is to thank for landing this committed fashionista on the front page of the world’s leading fashion magazine.

In 2009, whilst reading law at Milan’s Bocconi University, Ferragni began blogging as a mere hobby to run parallel to her favorite freedoms: Travel and fashion. The student with a passion for fashion exploded onto the scene, reaching true recognition in 2011 when she took the Teen Vogue title of Blogger of the moment. Her ascension to the butterfly spread of Vogue Spain accelerated with truly remarkable speed. It has only taken six years for Ferragni to make a massive name for herself, having already overtaken the likes of L’Oréal’s Karlie Kloss on Instagram, with a staggering 3.4 million followers compared to Kloss’ 2.1 million.

The Blonde Salad has silkily used her blog to spin, weave and swing herself to tremendous success, landing lightly and precisely on top of World Wide Web. The sun falls on all that lies in her kingdom, illuminating: a collaborative shoe line, a published E-book, countless style articles, and a progressive modelling portfolio.

The word Vogue is defined as:

The prevailing fashion or style at a particular time.”

Ferragni has feasted on the word, sucked out the nourishing innards and licked out every last bit of lip smacking marrow, absorbing and passing as she pleases. She now fully embodies the core of the concept and in many ways surpasses it. Rather than be dragged along by the fashion-ship's slipstream, she has scuttled aboard and taken a swift stiletto to the captain of fashion, looked down on him with six cameras (SLR, Android, Digital, Disposable, Polaroid, I-Phone) and two neatly framed eyes, spat glitter in his face and said “Hey Captain of Fashion, this is my ship now and I'm calling the shots! More shiny!”. Her creation of new styles and revolutionary combinations of high-street and designer clothes, have commandeered mainstream fashion and steered it vaguely starboard with a splash of port. And all by the age of 27!

Although this is not the most interesting story, the core idea reflects times to come. Vogue has gracefully embraced a new age of achievement, whether this is to welcome the online era or simply to sell what sells. It seems the stars of social media are not to be ignored and maybe soon other industries will follow. Or maybe, just maybe, Chiara Ferragni was destined to be the face of Vogue Spain, April 2015. She certainly shares the “Rag and Bone” look of the classic cover model; poised and beautiful, in the way of a withering flower in its dying moments, just before the petals fade and drop.

Leo Donnelly 

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