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WhatsApp Testing Voice Calling Features

Call Services Launch Set In Motion


The ever popular messaging app WhatsApp is making more steps towards finally being able to launch voice chat features.

Every time I write an article about WhatsApp I make more progress in actually utilising the app. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to play around with it today so you’ll have to keep checking back for more WhatsApp articles about my riveting progress.

Moving on though, a WhatsApp spokesperson has confirmed that they've rolled out the feature to a small group of Android users in order to give it some testing.

There’s been no word yet of any iPhone users being able to access the feature though that probably isn't due to any iOS8 issues. People with the iPhone version of the app may notice a ‘Call’ button appear in the app, but as of yet, all it does is divert the users back to the main phone tool. This comes with a warning about carrier charges as well.

Some users of the app began reporting that they’d realised that they’d been given the voice chatting service. It wasn't believed until one user uploaded a video of the feature in use, take a look:

If you use any other form of messaging app other than WhatsApp, you can see that the new feature operates much like the calling services in those. It looks just like my messenger one. Which I've only just realised existed. I do believe I just left about 10 missed calls to my girlfriend through Facebook chat. No dissertation writing for her today.

Naturally, one of the biggest bonuses to using apps to make phone calls is that it can be done via 3G/4G connections and WiFi. This is often helpful to people who have contracts that offer great Data Allowances. It also helps people avoid some hefty charges when calling abroad.

Jan Koum, the WhatsApp CEO announced that they’d be introducing voice calling all the way back in February last year. Looks like they’re just a tad slow in getting everything going down there.

WhatsApp have recently revealed their amazing figures of monthly users and messages sent per day. They've also released their in webclient as well. With the news of voice chat, it looks like they've got no intention of slowing down.

I’ll use WhatsApp more, I promise. I’ll prove it in the next article. (I might not)

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