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Chris Pratt Makes Good on Super Bowl Bet

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Following the widely publicised Super Bowl bet between Marvel film stars Chris Pratt and Chris Evans (Starlord and Captain America, respectively), Chris Pratt has fulfilled his obligation, since his team ended up losing the game. The pair traveled to the Christopher’s Haven children’s hospital in Boston, with Pratt dressed in full Starlord attire


The bet originally called for the outfit to also incorporate a Tom Brady jersey, but you can’t exactly pull one over a red leather duster coat, so Evans gleefully held one aloft behind Pratt as he posed with some of the children. Evans also had a ’49 Pratt’ Patriots jersey made for his fellow actor, with 49 being a reference to it having been the 49th Super Bowl, just to make sure Pratt never forgets losing this wager


The pair also plan to visit a children’s hospital in Seattle, as Evans would have had to do anyway if the Seahawks had lifted the trophy. The jury’s out on whether or not Evans will turn up in his Captain America outfit, but I’d say it’s fairly likely, seems only fair, and frankly if I had played Captain America I wouldn't be too precious about wearing the outfit out of doors. There’s more to it than that though, the bet had been (and continues to be) so widely publicised that it has raised a great deal of awareness and money, CNN have reported that it’s raked in over $26,000 between the two hospitals so far


“It was great for us. We’ve raised money. Seattle Children’s Hospital raised money and turned out to be a win for everybody. Nobody lost except the Seahawks,” – Joyce Duvall, Christopher’s Haven 
This is probably the most commendable celebrity Super Bowl bet there’s ever been, in times past famous figures have simply bet obscene amounts of money on the Super Bowl and other sporting events, so it’s nice to see two world famous actors like Evans and Pratt using their considerable influence to do some real good, and get on each other’s nerves in the process.

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