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Twitter Will Now Offer 'Coupons'

Twitter Offers Deals

Twitter is no longer just about expressing yourself or sharing that video of that funny pug. There are 271 Million monthly active users on the social network, and so Twitter have turned to advertising to make a profit, and they are not wrong. After announcing their 'Buy Button', Twitter have announced another service that could attract users and brands alike. 

Twitter will be rolling out 'Twitter Offers', that will essentially function as online coupons. Except without all the hassle of having to remember your a piece of paper or a code when you go to a shop or restaurant. So how exactly does it work? 

It's pretty easy, if you're checking Twitter to look at your friend's and favourite celebritie's updates, you may come across a great offer from a store. With 'Twitter Offers' all you have to do is click on 'Get The Offer', and the deal will be added to your credit card, ready to be redeemed at the till. Yeah, you heard right, the 'coupon' would be linked with your credit card, ready to be used whenever you choose to. The first time, of course, you would have to enter your bank details and register your card. 

 This is definitely a step in the right direction for Twitter, who with this new update will be attracting not only users, tempted by deals, but also brands and companies who want to use Twitter to sell their product.

In the future, 'Twitter Offer' partnered up with a 'Promoted Tweet' could be the perfect combination for brands who want to get their product out there. A 'Promoted Tweet' is a paid advertisement that appears alongside other people's tweets as content. Therefore, using a 'Promoted Tweet' quickly conveys your message across Twitter. Could this fast become the best way to get brand seen? It's digital marketing at its finest but also at it's most effective.

Indeed, there is another advantage with choosing to use 'Twitter Offer', you'll be able to concretely see your return on investment, You put your advert as well as special deal out there and you can measure how effective it was by looking at how many people used the deal. Probably the most perfect way to connect online activities to offline sales. 

This is good news for all the companies that will gain a lot from choosing to use this special service that Twitter offer. However, while it could be good for users that will be able to view great deals, it may also mean a lot more advertising on Twitter. The social network have also announced that in the future, they may also rely on user's location to choose the best possible offer for them. So Twitter will essentially be stalking you through the internet and tailoring annoying ads just for you!

Laura is a recent graduate from University of East Anglia in Film and Television Studies, currently interning as a content writer but hoping to one day live off her writing. Follow her @LauraAtSMF.

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