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Sussex And Surrey Police Will Name And Shame Drunk Drivers On Twitter

Don't Drink And Tweet

In this period of festivities and parties, the risk of people drunk driving is increasingly higher. Surrey and Sussex Police have been running out of ideas, troubling videos still not deterring people from getting behind the wheel with alcohol and drugs in their system. As Sergeant Derrick put it: "there remains a small minority who refuse to believe that the law applies to them."

Last December, 211 motorists were arrested in Surrey and Sussex on suspicion of drunk or drug driving, with many convicted. The Surrey and Sussex Police had to find a solution to really make people think twice about driving after consuming alcohol or taking drugs. Their answer? They will tweet offender's names.

Yeah you heard right, as announced on their Twitter, @SurreyRoadCops, when a drunk driver is convicted, their name as well as where they were apprehended will be tweeted, for all to see. Pretty effective?

Drunk driving is a very serious offense. Not only are you putting your life in danger, but also the lives of others. So naming and shaming these dangerous people, is a quite interesting solution. And as we all know the internet never forgets and so your name could be linked with drunk driving for a very long time. Would it be enough to curb drunk driving though?

Some people might not realize what it means to have your name linked with a serious offense on Twitter. They might not understand the seriousness of it. Can you imagine a future employer googling your name and discovering that you were convicted of drunk or drug driving? Not sure your chances of getting the job would be very high. That might be enough to make people think twice about getting in the car with alcohol in their system? Maybe.

For those convicted in 2013, they haven't escaped being named and shamed, they will be the subject of posters, put up on the roadsides where they were caught. 

This is not the only example of the police realizing the power social media has if it is used right. South Korean police have already been using it to their advantage. as well as The U.S police, using the new app, Nextdoor.com. It's nice to see the UK police jump on the bandwagon. 

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