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Facebook Will Use Artificial Intelligence To Stop You From Posting Drunk Selfies

Facebook, Your New Digital Assistant

You wake up from a heavy night of drinking, in a slight haze with no recollection of how you got home. You quickly check for your phone in a slight panic but it's there by your side, you sigh with relief. You're not out of woods just yet though, you haven't checked Facebook. Shock. Horror. You've uploaded many unflattering and drunk selfies. You cringe and ask the world, is there not a device that would prevent you from embarrassing yourself massively on social media?

A few years ago, you could have gotten away with a few non-flattering pictures appearing on your Facebook wall. The social network was still a mystery to many adults, who regarded it with distrust. Well not anymore. Your parents, and your whole family have now discovered the joys of Facebook and so any embarrassing or drunk pictures will not go unnoticed. Good news though, Facebook are working on a project that will stop you from posting those pictures you'd rather your parents didn't see.


Facebook is working on a Artificial Intelligent (AI) digital assistant to improve your Facebook experience. One of the ways the digital assistant would work, is by analyzing your pictures to determine if you look sober or seriously drunk in them. If it determines that it is the latter, it will ask you a very serious question, according to Yann LeCun, “uh, this is being posted publicly. Are you sure you want your boss and your mother to see this?”.

Yann LeCun is the man behind this strange idea. He is a New York University researcher and more importantly he oversees the Facebook Artificial Intelligence lab. You may wonder why a tech company like Facebook would need an AI lab, but actually they already use AI. It is used to identify your friends in pictures and suggest tags. Facebook's digital assistant will be taking things one step further.


The ultimate goal with the AI technology is to have: "an intelligent digital assistant which would mediate your interaction with your friends,” LeCun says, “and also with content on Facebook.” Not only would this digital assistant prevent your embarrassing pictures from appearing on news feeds, it would also warn you if someone uploads a picture of you without your knowledge.

It would be a pretty nifty piece of technology, but it would also mean that all your interactions, pictures and posts would be analyzed by a Facebook computer. Which is a lot less appealing. However, there still a lot of work to do in the AI world, and this digital assistant probably won't be available just yet.

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