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Facebook Auto Enhancing Photos

Zoom In, Enhance

Phone cameras are becoming more and more advanced at an alarming rate. After recently upgrading my phone to shiny (and not overpriced at all) iPhone 6 I've been astounded by the progress the little camera on the back has made over the past few years.

But as if the consistent camera improvements weren't enough, Facebook has revealed that since Tuesday they've been auto-enhancing pictures taken on iPhone's whenever you upload one.
Whenever you upload a photo to Facebook, you’ll go straight to your normal uploading options, such as tagging, cropping and filters. Once you’re finished with that you’ll be taken to a next set of options which will auto enhance your pictures for you.  


It’s all handled by a neat little magic wand slider option down at the bottom.

The enhance option will give your pictures much more clarity, sharpness as well as improved lighting and shadow effects and all in all making the use of Facebook filters a bit null and void. Though I’m sure Instagram’s new filters will have a thing or two to say to the new enhance feature.
Though the feature is currently only out on iPhones, Facebook say that it will be rolling out on Android devices soon enough, so no one needn't be left out.

This enhance feature has actually always been available in Facebook's photo upload system, but it was tucked neatly away behind all the filters and so it never saw much use. By turning it on automatically, it should be sprucing up your pictures it no time at all.

Furthermore, if you’re not too keen on Facebook auto enhancing your picture of lunch for you can still turn the option off, so your lunch can still be as saturated as you want. Smiles all around.
Facebook commented on the feature and said: ‘We want to make it easy, and as few taps as possible to make your photo memories beautiful.’ D’aw, thanks Facebook, you’re so sweet.


With the smartphone turning all of us into ‘keen photographers’ a new feature like this is bound to keep all of the pseudo photo gurus nice and happy.

Though I do fear this will just result in extra sharp photos of meals and pets.
Not exactly a bad thing I guess.

I’ve only uploaded one video of my dog this week. I’m learning restraint

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