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Facebook Like Button Will Follow You Everywhere

In-App Liking Now Available

The Facebook 'Like' button is a well known feature for anyone that uses Facebook. It was introduced a few years ago and lets users 'like' posts, photos and even pages. The popularity of a picture or a fan page is often measure with the number of 'likes' it has received, and Facebook are now extending the 'like' button to mobile phone apps.

You've just downloaded a new game on your iPhone or Android and you're avidly playing it, enjoying the few seconds of your day that aren't spent on social media, when all of a sudden a message pops up urging you to 'like' the app's Facebook page. It's really simple, all you have to do is click the 'like' button and you don't even have to leave the app. By 'liking' the app Facebook page, your Facebook Newsfeed will be bombarded with statuses and photos about the app. This is the new service that Facebook is offering app developers.

This is good news for app developer who will be able to link their app with its Facebook page, making it easier to engage with fans and release updates about the app. For those of you worried that you'll have to 'like' the page before even playing the game Facebook advises developers to include the 'like' button in a place that won't inconvenience users, even suggesting that the button should appear after the user has spent a lot of time on the app and not necessarily for first time users.

This is a really clever feature from Facebook as it benefits them more than it benefits the app developers. This integrated 'like' button means that most apps will have to have a Facebook page, meaning that Facebook may see an increase in pages. This will also push them to fully utilize what Facebook has to offer, publishing interesting content or pictures about the app and making them use Facebook even more.

While this offers a great opportunity for app developers to engage more with their fans and try to get more downloads, it might not be so great for the app users. While Facebook does advise the developers to not put the 'like' button in someplace that would annoy the users, how long will it take for them to do so? In some apps you have to link the app with your Facebook account to get more coins or gems, but now you will probably have to 'like' the app's page to gain advantages in the game. It will be next to impossible to avoid Facebook even if you want to.

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