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The Best Ways To Build A Social Media Following

Kickstart your social media campaign with these tips

When looking to build a successful business, in the year 2014 it is crucial that you have a strong social media presence. You can spend a lot of time creating really good content, but without the audience, it is going to have a very small impact on the online world. It can be a tough task gaining followers, and friends online, but with these tips, your new company could well have new clients knocking at the door.

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Direct People

Celebrities and iconic brand names, have the advantage of already being household names, so gaining attention on social media is relatively easy. You cannot treat your business like this, and believe that just because you spent a lot of time building your social media accounts, people will flock to them. People will not even know you exist online unless you point them in your direction, so whenever the opportunity arises, notify folks offline to drive your audience online. Use the official logos of the main social media companies on store signs etc in order to increase interest.

Shout it out!

Anyone in the business who is accustomed to speaking in front of a large amount of people should be notifying them that you now have a social media presence. It is crucial here to strike while the iron is hot, and if a talk is going well, or the audience seems engaged, drop in that the company is committed to spreading onto social media.

Provide a Platform

Identify your employees who possess strong followings online, and encourage them to passively recruit on behalf of your company. Provide them with the talking points, and reward them if this tactic succeeds. The more employees you have spreading the word about your new business, the more potential customers you will have off the back of arming your employees with the licence to advertise online.

Name Dropping 

Mentioning others in your posts and tweets can be good business, as it broadens your audience immensely. When citing the author of a third-party article that you've shared, it can create a good relationship due to your acknowledgement of their work. Tagging others is a good way to attract new followers, and engage in potential future partnerships.

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Show Off Your Social Media

Whenever and wherever you have the chance to showcase your social media streams, do so. There are widgets available to do this, mostly from third party companies, and these make it easy to ensure that your content is visible for people who want to view your content. It increases the chance of establishing not only more new customers, but also lasting connections with current customers.

Care About Others

Some brands are very narcissistic, and only care to talk about themselves, but in order to create long lasting connections, this is an awful strategy. This plan of action is more about promotional activity rather than social activity. Obviously there is room to big your brand up online, but most of the time try and engage with your followers in a more human way. This means answering questions personally, and creating a closer relationship with current customers via this tactic. You will find that this often leads to more personal recommendations.

These are just a few tips to get you started, but if you implement these into your social media strategy, then you will not be far off success. The rest is up to you, and the content you post is obviously very important when it comes to the success of your social media campaign. Start with these tips, and you will be embarking on a fun-filled, successful journey on social media.

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