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Social Media And TV Join Forces

Get ready for Twitter TV

In an attempt to dominate the second screen, social media giant Twitter has acquired Snappy TV. They will earn money from advertisers who wish to reach people watching TV whilst they use their smartphones.

twitter and snappy tv
Source: news.geliyoo.com

Twitter purchased Snappy TV for an undisclosed fee, and the new service will ensure that brands and media partners can edit their videos after they record them, so they can be distributed online with more quality. It could be a massive move for Twitter who have often taken risks in the past when acquiring other services and companies.

The social media company promotes two main ways to use video. The first encourages marketers to purchase adverts that echo their TV adverts, to ensure that they are delivering a consistent message across both television screens, and social media. It also helps companies dominate in the digital sphere around live events such as the Oscars, and the World Cup. Secondly, Twitter is working with TV networks through its Amplify partnerships with networks to air live clips to persuade people to tune in.

This partnership between Twitter and Snappy TV is not a new experience for the latter, and Baljeet Singh, Twitter’s director of product management, said the company will continue to invest in Snappy TV’s product, thus integrating it closely with Twitter itself.

Compared to other recent purchases in the social media world, this one is relatively small, as Snappy TV had only raised $750,000 in VC funding, but it does signal strong intent from Twitter, as it tries and broaden its appeal of the platform. The firm are showing ambition by pushing beyond the standard 140 character messaging service, and is looking to deliver a more rounded experience to users. Examples of this are the introductions of Vine six-second videos and animated gifs, which were both introduced this week.

twitter and snappy tv
Source: dailydot.com

It is not all rosy for Twitter though, and this purchase could be viewed as desperation by many, as investors have been concerned by Twitter’s slowing growth. A huge amount of users that signed up to the platform turned off also, due to the confusing language and fast-paced nature in which the Twitter-obsessed community use it. Company casualties have become a reality, and just last week Ali Rowghani, Twitter’s chief operating officer, parted company with the firm.

Despite the down-turn in fortunes for Twitter, at least the company are taking steps to try and rectify past errors, and are now looking at alternate avenues to go down. Snappy TV seems to be a sound purchase, as the credentials are already there. It was founded by Mike Folgner, the chief executive who joined from Yahoo video, and Ryan Cunningham, chief technology officer, whose previous company, a video sharing community was purchased by Yahoo.

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