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Why you need to track user engagement across devices and social channels

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Q3 2011 and Q3 2013, website traffic from mobile devices increased by a total of 171 percent, according to the Walker Sands Mobile Traffic Report. This enormous rise in mobile traffic has led many businesses to overhaul their web design with an eye toward catering to mobile users. While this is an excellent first step, it is also the last step for many businesses. Your business needs to do more to improve the experience for users across devices, mobile included. Analytics can play an important role in understanding the access point and UX across devices.

track social media engagement

What devices are accessing your website?

The Walker Sands report found that Android devices constitute 49 percent of mobile traffic, with iPhones making up 32 percent and Blackberrys accounting for 0.8 percent. Other mobile devices made up 3.7 percent of mobile traffic. While Android has become more common than iPhone, Apple still has the edge when it comes to tablets. Its iPad and iPad mini accounted for 13.9 percent of website traffic, compared with the Android tablet at 4 percent.

When you understand which devices are accessing your website, you can better ensure your website delivers a clean, consistent user experience at that screen size.

track social media engagement

Using analytics to track mobile user and social media engagement

Google Analytics offers an easy-to-use tool for tracking mobile user engagement. Daily page views can fluctuate wildly, so Google suggests looking at a weekly or a monthly reports to gain insight into current trends. To uncover longer term patterns, look back over a year or a span of several months. Tick off the Explorer tab to see how well your mobile engagement is reaching specific goals.

For example, you can use metrics to compare how many mobile users are converting over desktop or laptop uses. If mobile conversion is down compared with desktop and laptop conversion, review the conversion process on a mobile device to see whether something is hampering your mobile users from converting. If you find you are not capturing as much mobile traffic as you would like, consider increasing your bid amounts in AdSense to drive more mobile traffic to your site.

Likewise, you must track social media engagement to see which channels deliver a return in investment, and which device users are the most engaged. Social media channels have their own analytics tools that allow you to see at-a-glance metrics. With Facebook's PTAT (People Talking About This), you can track unique visitors, see how many people interact with your page and track whether this number is consistent. This can be especially useful for small businesses without a dedicated social media team. Facebook's free EdgeRank shows how often brands come up on users' news feeds, and can show which types of content are most successfully viewed on users' news feeds.

track social media engagement

Other social channels providing built-in analytics tools include Pinterest and YouTube Insight. The Pinterest tool gives insight into user reaction to your pins (i.e. repinning), while YouTube's tool breaks down how long users spent watching your video, where users are coming from and other demographic information.

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