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4 Useful Tools for Facebook Commerce

According to a March 2013 press release from Facebook, 665 million people use Facebook daily. This is an increase of 65 percent year-over-year. Tap into this valuable pool of clients and substantially increase your small business's cash flow with online sales conducted through Facebook. Remember, customers love convenience and Facebook Commerce offers more of it than the traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Consider using these Facebook Commerce tools to sell your items and make transactions fast and easy.


Facebook Store by Shopify allows you to publish your products and collections to your Facebook page. This is great for generating traffic and sales from Facebook, as well as increasing engagement with your Facebook fan base. Setup is simple and you don't have to worry about creating a webpage from scratch to sell your goods online.


QuickBooks is another great tool to use with your Facebook Commerce account because it makes invoicing, tracking payments, and organising transactions simple. Having accounting software that keeps everything in sync means that your customers will always know what's going on during their business transactions with you. Furthermore, once tax time rolls around, you'll have all of your information up-to-date, making filing your taxes easier and stress free.


If the user chooses to purchase a product, checkout is quick and easy with PayPal. Shopping online eliminates your customers' need to spend all day shopping because they can purchase what they want with one-click. You can make your customer's experience even easier by including a PayPal button on your Facebook page.

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For the majority of e-commerce brands, Facebook remains the top social platform in relation to moving traffic and building a customer pool and fan base. A business that has the ability to create interesting and shareable content benefits the most from using Facebook as a means for creating a strong customer base. Keep your fan base happy by offering them exclusive promotions. There are discount and coupon building tools available as well. Some of these tools allow you to offer discounts directly to your fan base. Only visitors who have already 'liked' your page have access to these special coupons and discounts.

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