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Twitter Introduces New Version Of App For Windows Phone

Twitter has updated the Twitter Mobile application for Windows Phones to bring it “in line with other Twitter apps”, improving navigation, increasing the features and redesigning the layout.

Twitter Mobile’s Program Manager Charles Wu announced the update yesterday on the Twitter Blog,  an update which utilises Windows Live Tiles: a feature “only [a] Windows phone has” that displays Twitter updates in real-time on the phone’s main screen.

Windows Live Tiles allow users to see their Twitter notifications and pin their favourite accounts on the phone’s home screen, setting them up for ease of access without having to go through the app.

The Windows phone Twitter app update has four tabs for quick navigation: Home, Connect, Discover and Me:

  • Home: in the home tab, users can expand the tweets of those they follow to see content on the Twitter Cards, such as pictures, videos and website information
  • Connect: see who has followed, retweeted or mentioned you or one of their tweets
  • Discover: just as in the Twitter app for iOS and Android devices, users can browse, discover and view who Twitter suggests they connect with
  • Me: users can edit there profile and respond to any direct messages, as well as viewing favourites and lists.
The update also allows users to compose a tweet and search from anywhere within the app, one of “several features that make it easier for you to discover and share the content that matters to you”, says Wu.

Do you have a Windows Phone? What do you think of the new Twitter app?

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