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Social Media Promotions Of The Week: 18/01/13

This week I have had to bend the rules slightly for the Social Media Frontiers SMPW post. The first two listed are promotions that we thought were innovative and original. We felt that the final three, though not strictly Promotions, still deserved a mention for their clever use of social media.

1. SamsungThe Ecobubble Bear

This hilarious advert was created by The Viral Factory to promote Samsung’s new Ecobubble washing machines.

The original shoot gets hijacked by a bear, played alternately by a Canadian Brown Bear called Barney and “a very cold man dancing around in a spotty bodystocking”, who uses the machine to clean his coat.

This advert is full of little twists and comedic moments, but the viewers attention is never distracted from the success of the product.

The Viral Factory’s Ed Robinson, commented: “For us making virals is all about telling product stories which can entertain the audience. The Samsung Ecobubble washing machine performs exceptionally well at very cold temperatures, so frozen tundra and polar bears felt like a good place to find such a story.

“The complexity of actually realising the story then hit us, but thanks to brilliant Barney the Brown Bear, James Rouse and the post geniuses at Jellyfish Pictures (not necessarily in that order) they made the concept tangible and joyous.”

The video currently has 440,000 views on YouTube, but I expect that will rise over the next week.

2. NikeNo Cup Is Safe

Counting 5 million views and topping the YouTube Viral Video Chart, this brilliant advert from Nike announces the company’s lucrative sponsorship deal with golf champion Rory McIlroy.

In the ad, created by Wieden + Kennedy, The World No.1 faces off against golf legend Tiger Woods in a putting competition with a difference.

It was hard to choose between this promotion and the Samsung one above, with this one only coming second due to the fact that Samsung’s video was created specifically to be viewed online.

3. The MirrorWorld Footie Manager


This Facebook app, designed by Macaw Games and released by British newspaper The Mirror, brings football management to social gaming.

Create, build and develop your team and then challenge your friends on Facebook to a match.

The Mirror’s commercial partnerships manager Jon Dey commented: “We are committed to producing and developing first class digital products and this social gaming opportunity acts as a fantastic way to engage and grow our audience.”

Steve Gordon, Macaw Games’ director, added: “We are very proud to bring our first game to market with the Mirror’s audience of football fans.

“Our games are free to play mid-core sports sims with sponsorship opportunities woven into the storyline giving advertisers a great platform to reach social game players and we look forward to finding the new best football manager on the planet amongst the Mirror audience.”

4. Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions – The LinkedIn Bomb

When A&W Restaurants moved their headquarters from Louisville to Lexington, the employees at local advertising agency Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions saw an opportunity to win over a new client.

The entire staff at Cornett sent LinkedIn requests to A&W Restaurants President Kevin Bazner and Director of Marketing Sarah Blasi at the exact same time.

Each request was accompanied by a short personal message explaining why the restaurant chain meant so much to the person sending the request.

At first Blasi thought someone had hacked her account, she told Mashable, but then she read the messages and discovered that "they were all individual stories about their personal relationships with A&W Restaurants."

"There was a moment when we thought we could really get their attention, but not in a good way," says Christy Hiler, Cornett’s chief strategic officer.

The stunt worked, however, and after a few months of meetings and discussions Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions became A&W’s advertising agency.

5. Hawaii 5-0 You Tweet The ending

HAWAII FIVE-0 Alternate Ending Vote!

On Monday night, Hawaii 5-0 became the first show to ask its audience to choose the ending on Twitter.

The viewers on the East Coast and those on the West Coast each got to tweet in who they thought the murderer was using various hashtags: #theBoss, #theStudent or #theTA.

The creators of the popular cop show scripted and filmed three different endings, with the network CBS showing whichever ending received the most votes on Twitter.

On the East Coast, the general consensus was that the boss had killed his employee, whereas on the West Coast, it was the Student who did it.

Which is you favourite Social Media Promotion this week? How do you use social media to promote your business?

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