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Photo-Syncing Now Available on Facebook iOS App


A number of Facebook users now have the ability to automatically sync their iPhone photos in to a private album on the social media platform.

Photo syncing allows users to save photos from their phone to the cloud and makes these photos easier to share on Facebook.

Google has had a similar option available for Android and Google+ called ‘Instant Upload’ since the launch of their own social network site in 2011.

Facebook reproduced the feature on Android earlier this year but has not offered the service on Apple’s iOS operating system until now, possibly due to development challenges or because users may be less familiar with the option.

Photo syncing could inspire users to share more pictures on Facebook as well as serving as a form of backup storage for those who don’t already save photos to another cloud service.

Facebook can store up to 2GB of photos while Google+ has unlimited storage space. Facebook highlights that users can “get the photos in your camera roll to Facebook automatically,” and firmly stating that these photos will stay private until the user decides to share them.


Those in the initial test group can activate photo syncing by visiting the photo section of the iOS Facebook app which can be found on the user’s Timeline or from the bookmarks menu.

Users can tap the ‘sync’ button at the bottom of the screen if available. To ensure that they don’t consume a user’s data plan, Facebook will sync the photos at a small size if they are on a cellular network.

When the user is on Wi-Fi, Facebook will sync larger versions of the photos. The user has the choice to sync over Wi-Fi only if they choose to.

Do you think this is a useful addition to Facebook?

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