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Couples Who Meet Online Progress To Marriage Faster Than People Who Meet Offline

Have you met any couples that met online?
This seems to be common nowadays.
I am one of them, I have been dating online before Windows was in our computers. When ICQ was the place to meet, from anywhere in the world, your perfect match.
ICQ was used for business, for communication of many types and for dating online.
I met people from every continent in the world through ICQ and I travel to amazing places with them.
But I wasn't dating, I used dating sites to make real friends. 
I come from the generation that had Pen Pals and we wrote letters to them. You could register to magazines and people will find your details and picture and they wrote to you, but the main idea was to make friends and travel to visit them.

Why does dating online has to be only for dating?  Why can't young people meet friends online anymore? Why can't they do what we did with pen pals but online?
I do, and I have met amazing people around the world, through ICQ, Badoo, etc. 

What about ? They seem to be the perfect place to find a formal or serious relationship if you want to, I used it and it worked for me, then I got 3 friends into it and 3 of them got married within 12 months and now they are happy families.

Did I find my perfect match? Even if you met your perfect match offline or if you are even married, we all wonder that! It isn't different.
Dating online is a skill because if you don't master it, you can waste your time with people that are not who they say or even worse scammers and criminals.

Can you avoid all the above? Of course you can but as I said, it is a skill some have naturally and some need to learn it.

There isn't a reason to be single anymore unless you want to and I wonder if people that say they want to is because they think they can't even get a date.
Anyone can have a proper date nowadays!

What about Tinder? We wrote an interesting article about this HERE

Why would online dating be different than offline dating when you are just meeting online but you will still have to meet offline, the mistake most people make is, taking the relationship to a different level before they meet, that is not really the best way neither the safest way,

I was sent a very interesting infographic, thanks for sending it to me to share it here.

Love on the Internet: Do Dating Apps Lead to a Real Relationship?
Love on the Internet: Do Dating Apps Lead to a Real Relationship? Created By: PeopleFinders

Mili Ponce
Mili Ponce is a recognised international Digital Marketing strategist and keynote speaker. She gives training and consultancy to Corporate Companies, Government Organizations, Marketing Managers, Business Owners and Individuals. @MiliPonceOliver

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