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Starbucks Announces Order Ahead App

You For Coffee?

We all have one annoying friend who posts pictures of his or her misspelled name on their Starbucks cup. It does get to a point where you wonder if people mispronounce their names on purpose just to get a few likes on social media. Well things are about to change: Starbucks are now testing an order ahead app in Portland. Your name will no longer be written by a barista, but printed off and stuck on your coffee. No more awkwardly spelled names clogging up your news feed!
If you are lucky enough to be living in Portland and own an iPhone, you'll be able to test out digitally ordering your cup of coffee. The app is fairly simple to use. All you have to do is place your order, select the Starbucks closest to you and the app will let you know when your coffee will be ready for pick up. Unlike other digital ordering services such as Dominoes, you cannot choose the time you want your order to be ready. The best way to use the app, it seems, will be to digitally order on the go. Once you reach your destination, your delicious drink should be waiting for you.

This new app could boost sales for Starbucks, attracting new customers with an easy and quick way to pay. No one has time to wait in line at Starbucks anymore, and app users will even be able to pay using their Starbucks card without having to look for spare change. The app users will only have to wait 5 minutes before picking up their drink, potentially attracting users who are pressed for time. The world is going faster and faster and now we no longer have time for human interaction.
Of course, there is a downside to this brand new app: it cuts down human interaction to the minimum. And that seems to be the way our society is going; using social media to have conversations instead of face to face interactions. Now, even Starbucks is going to be denying us awkward small talk with the individuals making us coffee.

Furthermore, some people argue that Starbucks employees misspelling names may actually be a positive thing for Starbucks. They don't need any advertisements when they have thousands of people sharing pictures of their products on Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter. Their order ahead app could end up reducing the number of people sharing their Starbucks experience.

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