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Pavlok Wristband Will Shock You If You Don't Exercise

Ring Any Bells?

Everyone is familiar with Pavlov's teachings on classical conditioning, a dog training technique. Pavlov discovered that if a bell was rung every time a dog received food then if the dog heard the bell it would salivate, expecting food. This technique could then be used to stop bad behaviour in dogs, as pain could easily be associated with peeing on the carpet. Well now a company, aptly named Pavlok, want to apply the same principles to humans.

Have you tried every diet possible, every exercise routine known to man and yet you cannot seem to lose any weight? The Pavlok wristband may be perfect for you. Instead of giving you diet or exercise advice that you probably wouldn't follow, the wristband will send you an electric shock if you don't exercise. All you have to do is enter your gym location and information and the number of times you want to go and if you don't, the wristband will either shock you, shame you on Facebook or make you pay a fine.

The Pavlok wristband has other uses. It can be an alarm and will wake you up with a few little shocks and if you snooze it or if it doesn't detect movement it will shock you; a rather effective way of waking you up smoothly. You can also select websites that you don't want to visit anymore such as Facebook, and if you end up giving in and visiting it, you will also receive a shock.

You can choose the intensity of the shock and the Pavlok's head of marketing has described the feeling: "it’s nothing that’s painful. Well, it may be painful. It’s not enjoyable. It’s unpleasant. But it’s not, like, severe pain." This wristband could potentially increase your productivity by waking you up early and preventing you from procrastinating for hours on end on Facebook.

Sadly, Pavlok is not available to the general public and has been launched on indiegogo, hoping to raise $50,000 to develop their product further. In the future, will this be the most effective and brutal way of losing weight? Or will be people end up throwing them into a drawer after one two many shocks? Maneesh Sethi, creator of Pavlok, hopes not and has expressed that he wants "to help save lives."

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