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Hiring A Social Media Manager Crucial In The 21st Century

Invest In Your Company Online

Social media marketing has proved over the years that it is one of the most effective tools to reach your target audience, and not only is it a great way to engage with people but it is also incredibly cost effective. Despite this, the developments within the social media world mean that it is now a full-time job to maintain in your business, so it is best to employ someone to solely run this part of your company. Below you can see just how much this can change your business for the better.

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Brand Building

Building a recognisable and successful brand in the year 2014 requires clever use of social media. To utilise social media, you will need to build relationships online with an audience, and target those who may have an interest in your line of work. It is vital that you avoid investing countless hours into a social presence that reaches people who have zero interest in your products, and to do this you will need an individual who has a background in marketing, as they will be able to identify an appropriate audience online.


The cost of social media marketing is a major plus-point when deciding on which route to go down. Traditional media is very expensive, and whilst it is a trusty source of advertising you have to be careful as to where you decide to place your advertising or else you could be throwing money away. Social media takes this risk away as you can set-up accounts on most popular social media sites for free, and in this instance, the only money leaving your business will be the wage of paying your social media manager.


The potential of social media is so huge when considering traffic building. By securing more Likes, Follows and friends on social media platforms, you will generate more exposure for your brand, and the result of this will be increased shares, which will lead to a larger audience. Of course, this requires dedication and time, so it is recommended that you have a specific person to take this role on.

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Beating The Competition

Despite most people using and embracing social media, not all companies have chosen to utilise it in terms of a business tool. By hiring a social media manager, your business could develop a lead in the industry you're in. A good social media strategy can establish your business as the ones to beat, and you could reach out to the customers who predominately do their business on the social networking platforms. In addition to this, Google recognises social media ranking factors, which means that well-exposed brands on Facebook, and Twitter receive improved search rankings.

Social media started out as an experiment online. A function of free speech, and a way to reach your friends over the Internet, but it has quickly expanded as its true potential has been revealed. Businesses across the globe have invested time and effort into ensuring that they build a reputation on the most popular social networking sites, and it has been great for business. It is cost effective, and a great way to reach your target audience, but don't make the mistake of taking it lightly. In order to succeed, you will need someone with the experience to take on the online world in order to make your presence count online.

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