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Facebook May Be Developing An Anonymous App

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Facebook has been known for banking on apps that are very popular, from buying Instagram and WhatsApp to releasing a Snapchat-like app called Slingshot. This time, Facebook is going to try and break into the anonymous app business.

Anonymous apps like Secret or Whisper are becoming increasingly popular, because they let you post anonymously. You can reveal your darkest secrets and your friends and family wouldn't know it was you. They provide a great space to discuss things you wouldn't necessarily say on Facebook because no one would knows it's you. However the freedom anonymity provides has its own downfall as it enables trolls and cyber bullying. You can ban users all you want but they can always come back under another name.

Now, Facebook, the king of real names, may be developing an anonymous app of its own. These speculations come after Facebook announced 'Anonymous Login'. Anonymous Login, still in its beta phase, will let you connect to apps without sharing any of your personal information. It will work alongside Facebook Login that lets you create accounts with your Facebook one, so you don't need to remember additional login details. This new development could also enable you to decide which personal details you want to share with the app or not. These new developments are a far cry from Facebook's usual 'sharing your personal details with everyone and everything' policies. However, even though Anonymous Login will protect your details from apps, Facebook will know even more information about you.

There has been a lot of speculation about Facebook's Anonymous app, but there has been no official announcements from Facebook. It is still very unclear how Facebook will deal with the cyber bullying and online harassment that comes with Anonymous apps. It would be a great step towards eradicating trolls on the internet if Facebook found a way to get rid of them on their app. If the app, for instance, would require you to login through your Facebook account but would allow you to post anonymously, cyber bullies could be banned for life. Facebook, however, would have to come up with a system to regulate fake profiles.

Facebook could potentially change the face of anonymous apps. If it finds a way to protect its users from bullies it could attract users from Whisper and Secret that want to find a safe place to share their secrets. However, Facebook does not have the best track record when it comes to developing apps that already exist, such as Slingshot, a rip off of Snapchat.

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