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What Would I Say Is You At Your Brilliant Best

Who Said Social Media Stifles Creativity?

If you’re anything like me, your Facebook wall is a long series of childish frapes interspersed with the occasional real status about your new job, new cat or new hangover. And while these ‘real’ statuses about the progress of your life will likely be ignored by those three hundred Facebook friends you don’t actually like, one website can use them to create a masterpiece beyond anything within the realm of human potential. Or at least, anything beyond the realm of my human potential.

Allow me to introduce What Would I Say (WWIS) - the online app that uses an algorithm to comb through each of your Facebook statuses (even the ones with no likes) and use what it finds to write the thing you’re statistically most likely to say next. Sound complicated? Then don’t worry about how it works; all that matters is that sharing a slice of greatness with your Facebook chums takes just two clicks. It then automatically looks at your most commonly used words and phrases to create new, better ones.

What WWIS offers is simultaneously poignant, confusing and hilarious. While some suggestions are completely nonsensical, the rest seem like the work of a mad, twisted genius. Always felt destined to become a respected philosopher, a talented comedian or both (a philosophemedian)? Those two clicks – that’s all it takes.

Despite garnering a small amount of attention at the end of last year, What Would I Say’s Facebook page only has around 21 thousand likes. A crying shame if you ask me – particularly when 5 million people each month choose to graffiti their Facebook walls with TimeHop, an app which automatically repeats its users' statuses from 365 days ago. I have nothing against TimeHop, but I have to ask: why do people shun an app which is able to create something better than anything they could ever hope to come up with? Instead, they repeat a status I've already chosen to ignore. Madness.

If you're still confused what the website does, it's probably easier to show you. Logging in with one of our SMF accounts revealed a predictably social media-based status that seems exactly like something we'd be likely to say. #Selfie.
However, WWIS becomes more crazy when working with someone with a rich tapestry of a Facebook account. For example, my first response suggested I'm prone to laying on the ginger jokes a bit thick online.

Fortunately, my second was just a hideously malformed reference to the TV show 'Lost'.
It's good to know that even a cold, heartless algorithm can identify that I'm not just a ginger, I'm also a nerd.

I'm gonna keep spamming this thing until it makes me sound intelligent.

Emile is a postgrad from the University of Saint Mark and Saint John. He’s hoping to break into journalism or publishing, and won’t stop blogging until he’s managed it! Follow him @EmileAtSMF.

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