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Manchester United Announce Record-Breaking Deal On Vine

Di Maria’s Deal With The Devils, Exclusive To Vine

Manchester United exclusively announced their record-breaking deal with Angel Di Maria on the six-second video network Vine, in an exciting social media move from the club’s PR execs. The Argentinian midfielder was purchased for a UK record of £59.7m, but for social media fans the manner in which the sky-high exchange was announced will be of more interest – Manchester United are no strangers to publicity and success, and yesterday afternoon’s Vine inauguration may have kick-started a trend for future Barclay Premier League transfer announcements.

The Vine was shared to the club’s account, which boasts 3.13 million followers, showing Di Maria’s red shirt being stamped with the iconic number seven. Fans will be hoping that the pricey midfielder will bring the club as much success as previous number sevens, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. 

The clip has been retweeted 13,100 times, ‘looped’ half a million times on Vine and shared nearly 1,500 times on Facebook. The repeating Vine videos have become a popular and prominent means of communicating in the football world as their snappy and visual nature appeals to concise and exciting news updates, official announcements and revealing starting line ups.

Fans are responding to Manchester United’s choice of a Vine announcement well, creating their own celebratory Vines showing what the fabled number seven shirt means to them.

The growing partnership between football clubs and Vine comes despite the Premier League warning fans that live match footage posted on the site will be in breach of copyright laws and will be taken down.

No matter how fantastic a goal it is, if fans upload the footage to social networks during a match then it is a violation of copyright laws. Director of Communications at the Premier League, Dan Johnson, told the BBC that it is developing gif and Vine crawling technology to put a stop to the uploads and protect the Premier League’s ‘intellectual property’ (maybe more emphasis on property than intellect when it comes to the top football stars…)

It is understandable that the Premier League would wish to prevent such live footage leaks on social media, as they have a lucrative £3bn deal with Sky Sports and BT Sports for the privilege of screening live matches over the next three years. The Times and The Sun have also got deals to show goals and highlights online, so all parties are keen to keep a lid on fans’ spoiler alert Vine uploads.

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