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How To Successfully Build A Facebook Page By Facebook Media

Site Addresses Organic Reach Concerns

Facebook has received a lot of criticism recently about the organic reach of its pages. The reason behind this backlash is that individuals are increasingly failing to engage with brands via Facebook. It has recently come to light that when you post on Facebook, your post is only going to reach about 16% of the people who liked your page. Facebook blames the increasing number of posts each day, which make it harder for any story, by individuals or by brands, to gain exposure on news feed. Up until now Facebook had not done anything, only giving out excuses and apologies, to increase its organic reach.

Facebook have announced the creation of a new service called Facebook Media. Its aim is "to highlight great examples and new trends illustrating how public figures, organizations and media are using Facebook to connect with their audiences." Facebook wants you to see how you can use their services in the best possible way.

Facebook Media gives you tips on the best possible way to engage with your fans on Facebook, ranging from the most obvious ("Post engaging content") to the more technical ("Embed Facebook posts to your websites"). For those who still don't know how to use Facebook, it also features a 'Support' section, answering questions about how to set up a page and managing it.

This seems like a step in the right direction for Facebook, trying to encourage brands and individuals to keep their pages despite the organic reach's terrible numbers. Except it isn't. To 'inspire' individuals, Facebook Media also includes a 'Success Story' bit. This includes brands, television shows and charity campaigns that have successfully used Facebook to promote their cause. This is where Facebook Media is slightly more problematic. The organic reach problem, to some extent, only concerns small business that can't afford to pay for sponsored ads that would appear on everyone's news feed. Yet, Facebook Media's 'Success Stories' are by companies and brands that could potentially afford to pay for their content to appear on news feeds. These 'Success Stories' are likely to inspire Facebook page users, but it might not be enough to be as successful as they were.

For those that need a bit of advice about how to revamp a boring Facebook page, Facebook Media could be helpful, but it is not said if you'll be successful without paying for it.

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