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Don't Worry Emma, It Was All A Hoax

Promised Nudes Just A Viral Anti-4Chan Stunt

For all of you avidly watching the 'Emmayouarenext' countdown which announced when Emma Watson's nudes would be released to the world, prepare to be disappointed: it was all a hoax!

After Emma Watson's inspiring speech on gender equality, many of her fans were shocked to discover that the 4chan hackers were going to release her nudes in retaliation.  It was a surprise because Emma Watson's name was not released on the original list of actresses whose nudes had been accessed via the iCloud. Emma Watson was one of the lucky few who had escaped public humiliation, or so people thought before the website link was shared.

Luckily for Emma, it was all fake and was actually all created by a viral marketing company called Rantic in an attempt to get the website most blamed for the nude leaks, 4chan, banned. Now if you visit the website emmayouarenext.com it leads you to Rantic's website. The first thing you see is #shutdown4chan.

Rantic is attempting to get 4chan closed down and calls for a censorship for the internet. This is all explained in a short letter to Barack Obama, wherein Rantic reveals that it was hired by celebrity publicists to finally punish the website for its recent activities. Rantic have also launched a Twitter hashtag: #shutdown4chan, counting every tweet as a social signature against 4chan.

While Rantic have managed to create a viral website with millions of views, it is unclear whether their marketing stunt will pay off. The internet have already created #shutdownrantic and if you look on the #shutdown4chan twitter feed, there are a lot more negative comments towards Rantic then 4chan. The internet clearly did not like how Rantic went about promoting their campaign.

While people may commend Rantic for trying to shut down 4chan, I do not agree with their use of Emma Watson's image and reputation. Rantic sucessfully managed to steer the conversation away from Emma Watson's speech and gender equality, towards her body and image to get more clicks. Which can be argued is just as bad as releasing naked pictures of unsuspecting actresses. And yet another reason why #heforshe is so important.

Laura is a recent graduate from University of East Anglia in Film and Television Studies, currently interning as a content writer but hoping to one day live off her writing. Follow her @LauraAtSMF.

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