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Social Media Profile Hacked By Bitter Ex-Employee

Former Employee Takes Profile To Ransom Over Pay

It seems that the days of having a quiet word to the boss in the office or over the phone about your issues regarding work has long gone and in its wake has emerged the sheer potent power of hitting them right where it hurts: right in the social media - ouch.

A bitter former employee has recently left their former employers red faced and proved the power of social media as a tool for spreading negative opinions as they commandeered their former employer's Facebook and used it to spread negative and abusive messages.

The mystery ex-employee logged on to the Twitter and Facebook accounts of their former employers- a pub called House Of Wolf- and encouraged its 3000+ followers not to visit the pub telling them that "we water our beer down and charge you for over priced cocktails and make fun of you for it."

The bitter takeover was all to do with a dispute with former pub owners who, the tweeter had alleged, hadn't paid him his wages. He took to the pub's Facebook page to say he would continue to hold the profiles ransom until he was paid the money that was owed to him.

The pub had recently changed management so they had no idea about the incident or indeed why the ex-employee was holding the accounts to ransom.

Fortunately, before the pub completely lost its social standing, the messages were removed, leading to the presumption that the issue was resolved.

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