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How To Build A Strong Social Network For Your Business

Tips For Marketing Your Business On Social Media

Communication in the technological age is constantly changing. Although it’s important to get your business and your voice online and on social media, it’s also important to remember that amidst these technological advancements, at the essence of good business – be it online, via social media or in store – good communication remains the key factor. Business has always been about human needs; relationships were, are, and will always be at the centre of all successful business activities.

So, why do businesses need to focus so much on getting more followers and social media interaction? A few likes here and there mean nothing unless you are building actual and profitable relationships through productive and positive interactions. In the pre-internet age, building customer relations took a lot of time, effort and trust-gaining; marketing your business on social media still requires these three elements but nowadays it is arguably a much quicker, more dynamic and interactive process. The scope and scale of social media marketing is also vastly increased; now business owners have the facility of dozens of interactions with customers and potential customers on a daily basis.

Here are the three methods to help you build up your social networks:

Build relationships

The goal for marketing on social media is to get customers to like, admire and trust the business. Thus, you need to interact with them and provide useful content and relevant resources – a powerful technique called content marketing – so that you create and maintain a relationship with the customer, as opposed to just the odd hard sell. Make sure that you are not going over the top in your advertising efforts and that you are being helpful to your audience. Sites like Zorpia Crunchbase help businesses in building a relationship with their customers by providing the right platform to interact with relevant buyers and businesses.

Sharing is caring

Interaction is the building block for any brand. Every interaction should matter to you and the business. Get engaged with people, help them out, and generate as many positive social signals as possible. Turn negativity into positivity by addressing the concerns of your customers who were not satisfied earlier by your products, services, or interaction. Prospective clients will appreciate a business that actively shows attention to detail and customers’ needs – social media is a great platform for showing you care.

Context is king

You should know your audience very well if you really want to be effective in social media and also in building your networks. That’s the reason why businesses need to be aware of context while interacting on social media. Think about: what drives your prospective customers? What are their pain points? How does your product or service help them out? Cultivating strong relationships within the relevant context is powerful and will attract the correct audience.

So, the main points to bear in mind when marketing your business on social media is that interaction and engagement is key – you are creating positive interactions based on the right context so that your business is the go-to for providing helpful resources, trustworthy knowledge and reliable products. Don’t explicitly self-promote or force your own point of view on the audience – social media users will see through this and won’t go in for it. Instead, use social media networks as a platform for opening up discussion and engagement. Remember, you get out what you put in.

Christopher Meloni is the founder of an online marketing company, specialising in social media marketing. His interests include, SEO, social networking, affiliate and PPC marketing, and web development. Find him @tweetmeloni.

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