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New Couples Research Batters Social Media

Social media in trouble (again!)

New couples may want to get off Facebook. Recent findings suggest that social media has negative effects on the longevity of marriages and relationships.

Numerous studies have found that people who use social media 'heavily' are up to 32% more likely to leave their spouses.

A study directed by James E. Katz, a professor of Emerging Media Studies at the College of Communications, looked into the correlation between social media use, marital issues and divorce and concluded that Facebook is a 'significant predictor of divorce rates and marital troubles.'

Data was also collected in 2011 by the University of Texas who found the headlining statistic. In their investigations, they asked over 1000 married people aged between 18 and 39 how happy they were in their relationships. Non-social media users reported being 11% more satisfied with their relationship than those who were heavy social media users.

It was these heavy social media users that proved the most interesting section of the demographic asked, as they came back with the most worrying statistics. Of these 'heavy users', it was found that they were 32% more likely to think about leaving the marital home - that is twice the rate of the non users!

Alongside these statistics, previous studies have shown that the likes of Facebook and Twitter make it easier to cheat. One shocking example was that involving Lynn France from Ohio who alarmingly found that her supposedly doting husband was actually married to someone else! She discovered photos of her husband and the mystery wife's Disneyland wedding on Facebook where, ironically, he was dressed as Prince Charming!

Facebook is no stranger to criticism of late; allegations of the company spying on users with various social experiments, means that many are threatening to log off Facebook completely.

With social media having an ever present and increasing impact on our lives, it is becoming clear that we now have to be very careful what we choose to broadcast online.

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