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Houses Of Parliament Under Attack On Social Media

Israel launches childish online tactics

In the middle of a full scale war, the Israeli military has tweeted a doctored image of the Houses of Parliament coming under attack from a barrage of rockets, alongside the question: “What if they were attacking your home?”

social media gaza
Source: telegraph.com
The altered image was published on Monday via the Twitter feed of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), and it showed four rockets flying over the Thames with imminent impact with the Palace of Westminster. An explosion can be seen coming from the roof of the building, whilst a large caption on the picture asks “What would you do?” in full capitals.

The image is a striking one and appears to be in direct response to critics of Israel’s current assault on the Palestinian Gaza Strip. According to Israeli leaders, the operation is designed to halt Hamas rocket fire from the territory, but there have been strong accusations that Israel’s military chiefs have been using disproportionate levels of force.

The conflict thus far has been pointless and tragic to say the least, with a death toll of 500 reached in just two weeks. The vast majority of these casualties have been Palestinians, and many children have also been killed. Israeli officials say that 18 soldiers have been killed along with two civilians.

Labour MP and secretary of Britain-Palestine All-Party Parliamentary Group Andy Slaughter said: “It seems crass at best. The Israelis are past masters at propaganda. This will bring it home to Members that they have lost all sense of perspective and are out of control.”

“It is in very poor taste and I think it will be entirely counterproductive.”

social media gaza
Source: thetimes.co.uk
James Clappison MP, who is the Parliamentary Chairman of Conservative Friends of Israel unsurprisingly supported the image that was posted on social media, saying: “For a long time rockets have been fired into Israel and that hasn't been reported. We would not permit rockets to be fired at our country. We would take action.”

He added that he wanted to see a end to the constant bloodshed, but then added: “This is Hamas’ choice. The ball is in their court.”

Hopefully the world will see an end to the bloodshed soon enough, as too many innocent, young lives are being taken everyday, and when images such as the one above are posted on social media, you see just how childish war really is. Government officials would have sat at computers deciding when to post this to Twitter whilst on the ground children and their families are fighting for their lives.

Hopefully in the coming days peace will be restored and both territories can start to rebuild in a safe environment.

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