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The Chosen One - Are You?

Social media guru honoured

A young entrepreneur in Birmingham has shown that social media is the way to success after being crowned as Birmingham Young Professional of the Year 2014. Jodie Cole launched her own social media agency three years ago and her success has being rewarded, and it shows just what can be done if you use social media to its full potential.


She runs JC Social Media, and she was named marketing and communications professional of the year. She has also acted as a social media expert for a pilot TV show, and has been invited to work with a group chaired by former BBC Dragon James Caan. The group of 12 ambassadors will set up a start-up loan scheme.

Her talent doesn’t limit her to one niche though, as she also co-founded Clever Tykes, a set of children’s storybooks. The books provide a positive entrepreneurial role model for children, so even though her success has been built through social media, she also has bigger plans, which can be built through her ever-expanding reputation.

Jodie Cole’s rise to success is a fascinating and inspiring one for many hopefuls who feel as if there is a lack of opportunities in modern society. As many sources tell you that there are no jobs available, it creates a path for people to show off their creative side, and steer away from the pressures of linear educational paths.

There is now a platform for many to release creative urges and sharing those with millions of others who share the same interest. Social media in this instance presents itself as a huge opportunity for young, ambitious entrepreneurs who need an outlet.

Jodie Cole will likely be a long-term success thanks to both her ability in the business world, and also the platform that gave her the opportunity to thrive: social media. There are thousands of people trying to become successful in this world, and many of them attempt to use social media to provide success, but lacking in individuality can hinder chances. Giving a personal touch online can be the difference sometimes as between success and failure due to the amount of people who have similar ideas.

If you have an idea that can be enhanced via social media then looking at Jodie Cole’s story will be an inspiring venture. She is now one of the hottest new names in business thanks to the impact that social media has had on her development.

Alex is an English Literature and Sociology undergraduate whose love for written word has led him to write about some obscure topics in his time. Currently an intern at Social Media Frontiers, be sure to follow him @AlexSatSMF 

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