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Your mood on social media could be contagious

Studies in the USA are now telling social media users that their moods online have an impact on others. Researchers in San Diego wanted to know whether moods are contagious on social media sites, and the results were very interesting.

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The study analysed over one billion status updates among more than 100 million US Facebook users, and they found positive posts and negative posts tended to produce the same emotions out of other people. Despite both dispositions having an effect, it was the positive posts that were identified as more contagious.

Beaumont Psychiatrist Howard Belkin indicated that if you post something negative on Facebook and someone sends you a positive response, then the positive response would have a greater impact on a wider number of people’s moods. Belkin also stated that these findings are a testament to the power of social media.

This research could be seen as a non-starter in some ways, as all the researchers are dealing with is regular human behaviour. These results would also crop up in a physical group situation, and in contemporary society, this kind of congregation mostly occurs online.

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Social media is a way of interacting with peers, but at times it can give a sense of conflicting moods, which cannot be healthy for the impartial individual. There is such a quick feed of information that someone may find himself or herself experiencing conflicting emotions in a very short period of time.

It is doubtful that these researchers in San Diego are telling us something new, but as they say, it does emphasise the growing power and influence of social media. It is now a niche that demands respect and caution at the same time due to the power it has over people’s psyche, which can of course be a good thing also. There are a lot of people who spread positive messages, and particularly on Twitter there are plenty of accounts dedicated to spreading good vibes.

Just as social media can influence a consumer’s decision on purchasing goods, this research clearly proves that networking has taken a stranglehold on the everyday moods of people also. The advice here would be to overload Facebook and Twitter feeds with cheesy clichéd quotes in order to avoid stints of depression, and all this thanks to the handy work of the San Diego based researchers.

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