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Yahoo Buys Rockmelt, Tumblr

Yahoo Inc. has acquired Rockmelt and Tumblr. RockMelt is a new web browser that takes an appealing approach to web browsing.This happened in the same week as Facebook acquired Branch Media. It was developed by Tim Howes and Eric Vishria and was founded on the Google Chromium project, integrating social media features such as Facebook chat, Twitter notifications and widgetised areas for other content providers. Yahoo! obtained it on August 2, 2013. Tumblr, which has center of operations at 35 East 21st Street in the Flatiron District in New York City's Silicon Alley, was founded by David Karp. On May 20, 2013, it was declared that Yahoo! and Tumblr had agreed for Yahoo! to own Tumblr for $1.1 billion.

Yahoo's outbreak of mobile-focused technology acquirements illustrates no signs of ever going back. It disbursed a massive $60m-$70m for Rockmelt. Terms of the deal were not unveiled, but the 4-year-old startup promptly pronounced that it will be closing down its present apps and website.

The founders of Rockmelt blogged that Yahoo! and Rockmelt partake a familiar objective: To aid people determine the finest content from around the Web. As a result, the union was definitely not going to result in a disappointment for Rockmelt users.

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer has wanted to drastically vary the company's sober image. Her keynote speech in Las Vegas was simply the most recent on a journey that has concluded in Yahoo! catching the attention of more Internet users to its sites than competitors like Google. She has also supervised the acquisition of other companies, including Summly, Astrid and GoPollGo.

She revealed an innovative technology news site, led by previous New York Times journalist David Pogue, a website on food, and the News Digest app by Nick D'Aloisio.

In the short four and a half years that Rockmelt, the Rockmelt team said that it had discovered a lot about how people like to surf the web, discover content, and partake the great stuff they've found. They said that Rockmelt had taught them a ton. And their plan is to put everything they've discovered to labour at Yahoo!. A Yahoo! representative told Reuters that Rockmelt's technology will assist the company to "deliver content in new ways".

Rockmelt was under pressure to draw attention to its various apps in the months prior to the attainment, according from Mattermark. Web traffic appeared to be on the brink, with their site receiving around 650,000 visitors per month. iTunes weekly downloads were also down considerably.

A Yahoo! speaker informed CNET that thirty-two Rockmelt employees have already joined Yahoo’s media and mobile organization. They aren't going to talk about specifics, but they plan to incorporate the Rockmelt technology into their media platform in order to bring content in new and exciting ways.

As Ms Mayer said, it is increasingly becoming difficult to find the news you need or want. This difficulty has paved way to the excuse that everyone is now willing to give: ''too long; didn't read''.

Yahoo! ended up with a turnover close to $US570 million ($634 million) last year and that is still one of the world's principal news sources. Based on AllThingsD, in its report, they cited that Yahoo! CFO Ken Goldman said the company must be a centre of attention for more Internet users in their 20's. Goldman said that one of the main challenges they faced is that they have had a developing demographic.

Concerning Tumblr, Ms Mayer said that Yahoo can only do a purchase of this size and scale if they find an outstanding company. Clearly, going by Yahoo's standards, Tumblr is one such company.

Ms Mayer and the Yahoo! Board, which voted on the acquirement over the weekend, are hopeful that Tumblr is one of the answers to making the company a real tech player once more. Mayer stated that the companies as one will be in a position to form a very huge media network.

Ms Mayer said that part of their approach here is to let Tumblr be Tumblr.

Yahoo's CEO reiterated in a company announcement that it will "not screw up". Its plan is to maintain Tumblr an autonomously operated business with David Karp, Tumblr's 26-year-old founder and CEO, enduring on. Tumblr permits users to produce their own blogs, follow other blogs on the network and like them or reblog posts.

Karp announced on Tumblr's official news page that they are not adopting the characteristic purple color that comes with most Yahoo products. He also said that they won’t be changing their headquarters, their roadmap, mission or team.

Tumblr was founded in February 2007. With 175 employees and more than 108 million blogs, it boasts of over 300 million monthly unique visitors and 120,000 signups every day. According to their statistics, 90 million posts are placed on the social media site every day. It came into view as a fashionable online hangout by offering a service that makes it easy to contribute to blog posts, photos, video and other content. The service states that it has combined more than 50 billion posts from 108 million blogs. More than half of Tumblr users depend on a dashboard to locate the types of blogs that they would like to follow and also have tools to pass on the posts that concern them.

Yahoo! CEO said in a declaration that on many stages, Tumblr and Yahoo! couldn't be more diverse, but, at the same time, they couldn't be more complementary. Yahoo is the Internet's original media network while Tumblr is the internet's emergent media frenzy.

Business Insider states that searching Tumblr using the keyword "Yahoo" brings a number of posts by users who are complaining about the purchase. In fact, one user has already initiated an online petition to stop the progress of the arrangement. The result? Only time will tell.

Despite the optimism shown by both companies, some financial analysts think Yahoo! paid too much for the company. An analyst with investment firm Morningstar, Rick Summer, said the "deal is probably overpriced" in his analyst note. While this may be a possibility, let's hope Yahoo! did their homework well in the negotiations and that they will be able to make something out of the agreement.

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