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Social Media News - Facebook To Launch Flipboard

The ever rising number of social networking sites has made tech companies move a step ahead not only to simply solidify their client’s base, but to raise their relevance and value for clients’ money. Facebook Paper is a new app that is in many ways similar to flipboard. Paper is a culmination of many years of designing and redesigning, experimentation, reviews, and controversies alike. Facebook indicates that Paper could be launched towards the end of January or early February 2014. However, the exact date remains a highly guarded secret.

Like flipboard, Paper centers on taking the experience of users to a new level and drawing others interested in getting higher value of their presence in Facebook. The fact that Paper targets delivering higher value content from media, publishers, sites, and other sources, Paper is presenting a new chance for Facebook users to get more relevant followers, and conversion.

The motivation of the app developers is making users special access to rich information in a customized way. Taking advantage of the current large number of following, Paper is being seen as the best app that will compete and possibly outdo flipboard. Follow these advantages that users will draw from using the Paper.

Rich Media Aggregation

Facebook Paper brings a whole new world of rich media to users in a single click. Paper is designed to work in an intelligent mode through curating of media content. You will have access to media that have rich content similar to what you frequently access. The target in this case is to make clients get what they want faster and translate associated information into greater following and conversion to sales and higher profitability.

A source privy to the developers points that the rich media aggregation is already forming a storm as major media companies redefine their models of filtering the most critical content. This is an advancement of Push Pop Press software that was acquired several years ago. You can only expect to get better news from great media such as New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington and others right from your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Personalization of User’s Content

While more people keep pouring to social networking sites, a shift towards apps that result to conversion is evident. Facebook Paper will allow users to easily customize and update their content on Facebook to yield the greatest impact. Paper will be a game changer because ‘decision makers’ such as self employed folks, line managers, business managers, and yes, entrepreneurs will easily be drawn to rich pages. Users will be able to categorize and customize content, news, and even reviews based on professional information, preferences, and market prediction.

The ‘decision makers’ cluster you are targeting for your business does not have time for clutter. The Paper is perfect and will help you only get the most relevant information. You do not need to waste a lot of time reading volumes of articles, replies, and other information because this app will organize it for you. The only thing you need to do include selecting the curated site and limit viewing to only what you consider important.

Getting News Fast

Facebook and other social network users have strong affinity for latest information. The famous argument that ‘information is power’ strongly came to play in design of this app. This is the main driver of Paper in social networking. To emphasize the importance of news, the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, was part of Chris Cox’s product design team. The ultimate result was Paper being made very buzzy and targeting to take particular information directly to clients. Users will have access to all important news faster. You will have a never ending flow of latest, rich, and updated information from main media companies. You no longer need to visit particular media sites to get updated; Paper will bring it right to your phone, tablet, or computer.

Paper has a special feature that allows you to know when it was posted. If a hurricane has been cited and is moving fast and your family must evacuate, the focus is getting latest updates and traffic conditions from weather sites. Small technology production manager may be interested in getting latest reviews on software. The Paper’s built in time-line enables you save time and get exactly what you are looking for.

Efficiency in Networking

For entrepreneurs and businesses interested in expansion of networks and affiliations, Paper is the best app to use. Sharing of comments, updates, and even replies is easily done from one place. If a friend posts some photos or important information, you will be able to easily access all of their latest postings. When you get an article that is of interest to others in your network, you email them quickly about it. The network is therefore faster, efficient, reliable, and fun.

Sharing of Link

The main intention of Paper creators was to ease content sharing on the web. When you use this app, you will get this vision in the way online experiences are organized. Crucial info does not get lost as you get along with other things in the Paper. The app lets the user share important articles via email, attract new readers, reviewers, and even comments. Once other Paper users notice the content, report, or review that you have recommended to them, their attention will be captured by the visually appealing and content mixed appearance. This will make them want to read and share it with others in their networks.

Accessing More Content

For people who are accustomed to Facebook, they probably understand additional clicks are critical if specific articles, pictures, web pages, or other information is to be accessed. Facebook Paper tools helps to pull together all important articles, websites, and other information for easier scanning without requiring additional clicks. Whether you are using your tablet, smart phone, laptop, or desktop, you will enjoy every minute with feeling of a magazine and not like a news feed.

While Facebook Paper is truly revolutionary in design, the other part is making clients to start using it and surpass flipboard. This is what Facebook has been working towards. However, the entire app, launch, and even publicity remain top hidden secrets. Facebook spokeswoman refuses to make any comment on it by indicating that the company never responds to speculation.

Written by TeamSMF

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