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YouTube Launches Its First Music Awards

Last week YouTube announced that it will be running its own Music Video Awards show to be held on 3rd November in New York. They have declared that the Video Awards show will be a way to celebrate music fans and the music that you love. The 90-minute show will be live-streamed onto the site, as a way of honouring artists and songs that YouTube audience have turned into massive hits over the past year and will be powered by the audience who will vote for the winners of the Awards.

According to the site’s blog announcement, the Awards will feature performances from Lady Gaga, Eminem, Arcade Fire, other top artists and a selection of YouTube’s biggest stars, which include Lindsey Stirling and CDZA. The site has asked for its audience’s involvement and participation in the event, as in mid-October, the YouTube Music Awards Nominations will be announced based on the videos that you watched and shared over the past year. The audience will then be required to determine the songs and artists honoured by sharing the nominees across social media platforms. This means that they will be judged by everyone, creating great audience involvement for the upcoming event.

The YouTube awards have been limited to only seven categories, which will be announced on October 17th along with the nominees. They will also feature music mashups which will combine YouTube stars with more high-profile celebrities, creating new and original content. There will additionally be performances from Seoul, Moscow, London and Rio which will be streamed during the show. YouTube hopes that this will help to celebrate the music that you love and that you have helped to become so popular over the last year.

The Awards will not just feature music on the day of the event but there should be a lot more music to enjoy on YouTube around the Music Awards. In the days leading up to the event, nominees will share official music videos, covers, parodies, concerts, interviews and fan videos on YouTube – this will help fans to stay in touch with the latest developments of their favourite artists and also help to discover new music that you had never heard of before.

This new award show recognises how YouTube has quickly become one of the major criteria for measuring a song’s success these days, as so many people choose to stream music from the site instead of buying the songs – therefore it can be a more accurate reflection of popularity for particular songs.

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