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Social Media For Businesss - 5 Tips to Help Make Your Business More Social

Social Media is a great way to help your business increase its audience and gain new followers, helping to drive traffic to your existing website. Here are 5 tips to help your business in its use of social media….

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1. Encourage sharing and audience involvement

  • In order to create greater awareness about your brand you should encourage your audience to engage with the comments that you post.
  • For instance, on Facebook you should post comments that encourage liking or sharing, in order to give the post more weight on the Facebook algorithm and push up its appearance on the newsfeed. Keeping posts short and including more photos will encourage people to like and share the post – and therefore creates a greater level of audience involvement.
  • Another way to encourage audience involvement is through an element of competition. Get them to share images, retweet or re-pin your posts and reward the best post with a prize. This will generate an increase in followers and make the audience feel like they have a greater involvement in the brand.
  • When you ask your fans to interact with your content, they will be more likely to do it, especially if they get something in return.
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2. Make use of visual content

  • If your business features great products and beautiful imagery, your brand should make the most out of its visual content through using social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest, which focus on the images that are posted. Visualization techniques are an important way for brands to make themselves stand out in the face of high competition, as audiences are drawn in by well laid out images of the products that are being sold.
  • Pinterest has now made it easier for brands to use their site, combining the high quality images with the opportunity to learn more about the post through Rich Pins. This means you can get a link to the product details, such as the price and availability immediately and this will make it easier for the audience to make a purchase if they see something they like.

3. Interact with your visitors

  • Acknowledge mentions by your fans, and respond to them. If you have asked them to engage in your site, make sure you show them you appreciate their involvement even if it is only through a simple ‘like’. This will hopefully keep them involved and more likely to post again in the future.
  • Through creating a two-way conversation and sustaining it, it will help to build a great online community, this will help to introduce new fans to the page through loyal fans inviting their friends to like a page or through sharing the content with them. A loyal community can therefore be invaluable in expanding a current fanbase.
  • This loyalty can be rewarded at certain times of the year through sharing offer codes and discounts online – drawing in both old and new fans again.

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4. Keep your profiles regularly updated

  • Keeping your profile current and updated with the latest developments of your company is essential for appealing to an audience who are already interested in your brand. They will quickly lose interest if they find out that the site hasn’t been updated or that nothing has been posted in a while from one of the social media platforms.
  • Therefore, it is essential that you keep every social media site updated regularly, otherwise it will lose its following.
  • For instance, on Facebook the algorithm for the News Feed organises what you see according to a number of factors, one of which is time delay. The longer it takes for you to keep updating your profile, the less often you will appear on the page.
  • Use an application like Hootsuite as a way to schedule posts. This could be useful as on Twitter you could schedule tweets if you have too many to handle at once, or if you are out of town for a few days you can schedule tweets so that they appear on your profile at the time you want. This can prevent overwhelming your audience with too much content all at once.

5. Share content at the optimal time 

  • Different social networks have different peak times for posting, so you should take advantage of these times in order to maximize views by the audience and increase the likelihood of them engaging with you.
  • If you post at the optimum times of the day the audience will be more receptive to the post and will help the use of social media to be successful. There is no point posting content if no one will ever see it because it is being posted in the middle of the night or during the middle of a busy working day.This will help with the points above through helping in the audience engagement.
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