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Facebook Releases New Page Insights

Last week Facebook began rolling out its new Page Insights to all users, an extension on the select few who were given access to the page in June. The new and updated Page insights have built on highly requested features and feedback from the select early users of the new Insights feature, in order to provide a better feature to all Page Owners. This appears to have been an active attempt by Facebook to try and simplify its platform for brands and advertisers, helping administrators to understand how people are choosing to engage with the content they publish.

First of all, Facebook is splitting up the People Talking About This (PTAT) metric into separate elements: Page Likes, People Engaged (the number of unique people who have clicked on, liked, commented on, or shared your posts), Page tags and mentions, Page check-ins and other interactions on a Page. The Virality metric was also renamed Engagement rate and now includes clicks as part of its measurements in order to help admins better gauge overall post quality.

Facebook have also introduced tools to publish better content on its Insights page. They have created a post-specific score card, so that marketers can evaluate positive and negative metrics side-by-side for each post. By positive interactions they mean all likes, comments, shares and clicks. On the other hand, negative interactions are when someone chooses to hide a post, hide all posts, report as spam, or unlike the page. This will help advertisers or brands to see how users are engaging with their posts.

The new Insights page also allows you to see information about how people are interacting with your page. It now allows you to see not only who you’ve reached – but also who you’ve engaged. This helps Page administrators to identify how content resonates with different audiences and allows them to make more informed decisions about their Page content and strategy. The new page feature does not only show you how your visitors came to your Page, from Facebook via Timeline, Photos Tab, etc, but it also lets you see how much traffic has been driven from a website off of Facebook, such as google.com.  This is now providing a much better service, comparable with Google Analytics.

Facebook is keen to introduce these changes because they want to make sure that brands are reaching the right audience on Facebook, giving them more of an incentive to post and advertise on the network and increasing revenue. Facebook is still keen to generate feedback from its users so they have left the option to 'Send Feedback' if you don't like one or more of the changes.

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