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Social Media Promotions Of The Week: 08/02/2013

This week, Super Bowl spots have dominated YouTube. There have, however, been a few UK-based social media promotions that have deserved mention. Here are the five:

1. AsicsJourney of Improvement

Sports clothing company Asics is running a multi-channel advertising campaign encouraging athletes to improve their performance.

The campaign, created by 180 Amsterdam, will feature television, print, online and social media promotional material.

On the social media side of the campaign, Asics has released videos on YouTube, the most recent of which features triathlete Helen Jenkins.

A Facebook app will coincide with the campaign called My Asics. My Asics “gives you the tools you need to stay motivated, plan your training and track your progress, while letting your friends support you along the way”.

The features include:
  • Individual or Team Goals
  • Goals around specific ASICS sponsored events
  • Receive motivational messages and content from your Facebook friends
  • Receive motivational content from ASICS and its partners
  • Share your Mood to let your friends know your mental state
  • Keep track of your runs with the My ASICS run plan
  • Celebrate your achievement.
2. BudweiserThe Clydesdales: “Brotherhood”

Budweiser’s “Brotherhood” video was the pick of the NFL Super Bowl XLVII spots last weekend, topping the viral chart with over 10 million views.

The video tells the heartwarming story of one of Budweiser’s Clydesdale horses, reared from a foal, who recognises his old friend when the Clydesdales arrive in his hometown.

Here are five other Super Bowl adverts which have proved popular on YouTube:
3. Coca ColaCoke Chase

Another Super Bowl Advert, even more popular than some of the videos above, Coke Chase is notable because it encourages the audience to get involved on Twitter.

Much like the Mercedes Benz #Youdrive advert, which was mentioned in a previous SMPW, the audience choses the outcome of the story by tweeting with specific hashtags.

In the advert, a busload of Showgirls, a posse of Cowboys and a motley crew of Badlanders race across a desert to the nearest shop, hoping to be the first to quench their thirst with a fridge load of Coca Cola bottles.

Tweeters could vote for their favourites and sabotage one of the others. Each group of competitors got sabotaged: the Cowboys were halted by a traffic light, the Showgirls by an acceptance speech and the Badlanders by an errant rooster. The videos of the stoppages were also posted on YouTube.

The Showgirls won the race, receiving the most votes on Twitter – some lucky voters were even awarded prizes. At the time of writing, the original Super Bowl advert has over 3.5 million views on YouTube.

4. O2#O2Tweetheart

O2 Tweetheart on an in-store screen
In celebration of Valentine’s Day, O2 stores across the country are stripping their window displays and replacing them with special television monitors.

These monitors will display 140 character love notes posted on social micro-message site Twitter with the hashtag #O2Tweetheart.

“In this modern, digital age, what better way to declare your love for someone than via Twitter?” said Paul Fabretti, Head of Social Media for O2 in the UK. “The fact that the very best tweets will not only win prizes, but also get them in time for Valentine’s Day should not only be fun, but a relief to some people too!”

As well as displaying the tweets in their shops, O2 will be giving away a number of romantic prizes to those who win the Valentine’s Day draw: a £500 Malmaison Hotel voucher and 20 x £50 Bonus Bond vouchers.
The tweets will be monitored and censored appropriately.

5. SimplyhealthHeart Research UK

Medical insurance firm Simplyhealth is running a campaign on Facebook to raise awareness about the possible relationship between dental and cardiovascular health.

The campaign is accompanied by an televised advert, which has almost 200,000 views on YouTube at the time of writing, inviting viewers to go to Simplyhealth’s Facebook page and “Like” it.

Every “Like” Simplyhealth receive will equate to a £1 donation the company then makes to Heart Research UK.

The campaign is a clever way to get people to like the Simplyhealth page on Facebook, as those who “Like” the page will feel as though they’ve been charitable, without having to spend any money. The donation also reflects well on simplyhealth.

An app counts up the total of “Likes”, or pounds, which is currently at almost £105,000.

What do you think of this week’s promotions? Have you seen a particularly impressive SMPW?

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