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Ezeesocial: Your Business’ Social Media Needs In One “Ezee” Place

Social media is the future of Business-to-Business networking, online marketing and Business-to-Consumer relations. Ezeesocial helps you manage all your social media accounts, optimizing your business’ profile online.

There are currently over 2 billion people active on social media worldwide, 1 billion active on Facebook alone. Social media platforms have quickly realised the potential that this user base has for monetisation and have begun providing marketers with the tools and services to best target potential customers.

It is of vital importance to the success of your business that you leverage social media to its maximum potential. However, it can prove extremely difficult to keep all your networks managed, monitored, updated and engaging without considerable time and expense.

Ezeesocial is a comprehensive social media management platform where businesses can easily and effectively engage with their customers, monitor mentions concerning their brand, grow their social media networks and measure the effectiveness of their social media efforts with in-depth analysis.

There are two different Ezeesocial packages to choose from: the regular Business package and the larger Corporate package. Both packages have numerous features to help you manage your business’s social media profiles. You can:
  • Organise your business’ social media profiles across numerous social media sites: Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, to name just a few.
  • Create schedule and automate a wide variety of messages: Facebook posts, Tweets, articles, etcetera
  • Analyse and monitor the effectiveness of your social media posts, as well as how your brand is perceived by your customers
  • Raise your own profile and the profile of your company with strategic updates and social media management
  • Create multiple user licences, controlling all of them from one location
  • Manage your contacts across all social media and email platforms.
What makes Ezeesocial stand apart from its competitors is the ability to personalise interactions with your target market: on Twitter you can automate and personalise responses to people who use specific keywords, hashtags and terms.

Ezeesocial also provides subscribers to either package with a comprehensive user guide and an extensive video training suite: an easy to follow, easy to use step-by-step guide on how to use and best utilise Ezeesocial’s numerous features, with demonstrations narrated by Ezeesocial’s CEO Paul O’Mahoney and Managing director Mili Ponce.

With the Corporate package, you can even manage your marketing outside of social media: the Corporate package has both SMS mobile marketing and email marketing tools, including comprehensive scheduling and analytical services so you can monitor how successful your marketing is.

You can import all your contact information from email providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL with the email tools while, with the SMS Autoresponder, you can create, personalise and schedule automated response messages to answer customer correspondence when you are away from a computer.

The email and SMS services also allow you to build and pre-schedule a series of automated emails for birthdays or event alerts that are triggered as soon as your customers subscribe to a list via Ezeesocial’s newsletter signup service, a regular service allowing you to post your company’s news and updates to your contacts.

The Corporate package even gives you free, dedicated help desk support from the Ezeesocial team. The help desk support service is available Monday to Friday during working hours, or you can send an email at any time and expect a reply within a few working days.

The Business and Corporate packages are both free for the first 30 days. Register for your free thirty day trial here.

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