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Turntable’s Piki App Hopes to Perfect Social Music Sharing


Social music sharing website, Turntable, have introduced a human controlled radio app called Piki which incorporates social features similar to those of Twitter with the sharing of music.

To use Piki, a person simply starts the app and presses play without needing to search for songs or define what kind of mood they’re in. The stream goes through songs that have been selected by friends and it also gives the user the ability to choose a particular genre.

pikiPiki enables you to hear songs that friends and others are playing everywhere you go or a track that reminds you of a special person.

Users of the app then have multiple features to experiment with. ‘Picking’ or ‘Repicking’ songs allows users to share the songs that they like. You can also dedicate certain songs to people which will then appear in their notifications and streams on Piki.

A user’s profile on Piki comprises of the tracks that you have liked recently. By searching the song database, choosing a song on your iOS device, or having your smartphone listen to and identify a song, users can add tracks to their Piki profile.

A desktop version is also available for Piki. Billy Chasen, co-founder and CEO of Turntable said that: “Piki is for mobile . . . the web version is there for people that are using it at their desks.

To use the website, users can register for an invitation on the site which should be up and running in a few days with the iOS app hitting the App store in a month or two.

Chasen feels: “there’s still demand to listen to music that’s powered by other people, instead of an algorithm like Pandora . . . But instead of having it in very real-time, in a room like Turntable, we are providing a laid-back experience with Piki.”

“If I want to listen to a single album on repeat, I’ll use Spotify.” Said Chasen. Piki isn’t the place to go to in order to listen to the latest albums, and isn’t a passive radio type like Pandora. This left room for Piki to fill that middle ground, making an application which remains very personal.

What do you think of Piki? Do you think it’s better than other music sharing sites?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or via Twitter.

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