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SoundCloud Update Now Available On Mobile

On Tuesday, a new version of SoundCloud was released to the general public. Today, the “Next” update has found its way onto iOS and Android devices.

SoundCloud reported some impressive engagement figures before the recent release, the update being in part to cope with increased public demand.

According to SoundCloud’s report, 180 million people are encountering or interacting with the site every month, an estimated 8% of the entire internet ‘population’.

The number of people registered with SoundCloud has almost doubled since May, reaching 30 million, and they are uploading 10 hours of audio onto the site every hour.

The update has improved the site’s design and added a number of new features: automatic “follows” for artists that the users like on other social platforms such as Facebook, an improved search and discovery system, real-time notifications and a better recommendation service.

Users also now have the ability to create sets of sounds, Repost their favourite audio files, just as they would Retweet a Twitter post, and listen to their chosen audio as they search the site.

What do you think of the SoundCloud update?

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