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Recreating Events Now Simpler With Facebook


Facebook now allows users to easily reproduce and repeat events that they have previously hosted or attended.

By clicking ‘create repeat event’ from a drop-down menu on event pages, Facebook composes a new event but including all the details and invitees that were present on the event you wish to recreate.

Users should now find it easier to make plans for repeat events. Facebook page owners will find this new feature especially useful if they regularly create similar events for fans and followers.

fb recreating events
Rather than filling out each option manually, users can keep most of the description the same and only change the date and location of the event if necessary. The option to set an event to be recreated from the point of creation however is not yet available.

Users won’t be able to recreate events from pages that they do not manage which is likely to prevent spamming the fans of a certain page. Also, when you recreate an event that was once hosted by a friend, you will only be able to invite people that you are already friends with.

Do you think this is a useful new feature? Will you be recreating events?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or via Twitter.

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