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Kamcord Lets You Film Your Game And Share It Socially


A new start-up enables gamers to record the game they are playing on their mobile and then share the footage onto social media platforms.

Kamcord is a small six-person company that is concerned with recording the footage and play of mobile games, whereas other businesses have previously only focused on games on a console or PC.
CEO and co-founder of Kamcord, Matt Zitzmann has said that the company is announcing a beginning round of investment today which totals $1.5 million.

Investors so far in the company include Google Ventures, TenCent, Merus Capital, Netprice, Plus and Play Tech Center amongst others.

The company is giving the software to game developers with the use of a kit that records what is happening on the screen of the phone whilst someone is playing the game.

Once the user has completed a level or a game as a whole, they have the chance to watch a video of their performance and share it on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.

The ability to film is so far live in more than 57 games on iOS devices and creates an average of seven videos per second. This figure could be deceiving however as videos are recorded regardless of whether a user decides to watch or share it.

CEO Zitzmann is hoping that the technology will gain plaudits by helping game developers increase the number of downloads of their games. For example, a partner at Google Ventures tweeted a video from his game and then saw 20% of viewers go to the App Store or Google Play to find out more of the game.

Zitzmann said: “We are riding a few waves. The rise of mobile gaming, plus app distribution changing and the popularity of recording and sharing.”

The interest in this company to date just goes to show how popular the recording of games has become in recent times.

What do you make of Kamcord? Will you start recording your games?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or via Twitter.

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