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Elephanti Hopes to Bring Customers Back To Retail Stores


A mobile application for your iPhone and Android device hopes to help users rediscover shops and enable you to do smarter shopping.

When a person downloads the Elephanti app, the service finds stores that are partnered with Elephanti and that have guaranteed discounts available only to users who have the app. The app could allow users to get up to 2% off a purchase.

Users and customers that download the app onto their mobile can follow their favourite companies and stores, look for a product that they want and create their own shopping lists.

While using the app, users can find nearby stores and see what offers are displayed. By checking in at a location, the merchant’s system is notified that you’re near so that representatives can give a more personalised service dependant on your interests and purchase history.

ElephantiAlexCompanies and businesses who take part in the service will be looking to find other ways to interact with their customers and encourage them into their stores.

Businesses register to the service for free and can manage their presence with a web dashboard to update their profile, they can add products to their account, post their discounts and more.

Lalin Jinasena, founder and CEO of Elephanti believes that it is a useful tool that doesn’t just focus on offers and deals that you may see coming up to Christmas, but every day of the year. The idea is supposed to help build a relationship between the business and the customer so that both can benefit.

Jinasena says that there’s always been a gap in social media where most people just connect with their friends and professionals. He feels that some companies aren’t succeeding at trying to engage with people, saying that; “people don’t want to follow all these brands.”

Customers will be able to rank a business with the app based on the quality of service that has been given. Also, users of the app can create a list which details up to 20 of their favourite businesses.


Although finding specific discounts for each store has been available with Foursquare when you check-in, it’s not all about the check-in with Elephanti. Users only view the companies and businesses that participate with the deals and product information.

The mobile app is now available on the iPhone and Android devices with over 1,600 businesses taking part from many places in the United States and Singapore.

What do you think about Elephanti? Will you use it?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or via Twitter.

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