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The Book of Noodle Teases New Gorillaz Album on Instagram

Few things excite me more than the prospect of a fourth (and likely final) album from the endlessly awesome Damon Albarn/Jamie Hewlett project, Gorillaz. Each album has had its own distinct flavour, as well as carrying on the fascinating, amusing, somewhat disturbing narrative surrounding the band's fictional, 2-dimensional members.

When Plastic Beach dropped way back in 2011, there was some minor social media promotion, through the lens of viral marketing, something which has been at the foundation of the Gorillaz project since it began at the turn of the century.

Social media is a hell of a lot more instrumental in that kind of advertising now than it was 5 years ago, so it stands to reason that the first real hinting about the next release would arrive on social media, or rather, Instagram. The Gorillaz official Instagram usually just consists of gig footage and new artwork, but yesterday something unusual emerged. It appeared to be a book cover, entitled 'The Book of Noodle'.

In the band's official narrative, guitarist Noodle was until now still missing, but as the Instagram story reveals through a combination of text and video, she's alive, and hunting demons in Japan. The peculiar little narrative concludes with Noodle sealing herself in Fed Ex box and getting herself shipped back off to join the rest of the band.

It's still rather cryptic, but it's obviously the first salvo in what will likely be a slew of media promotions leading to the album's release some time next year. Last time, it was Murdoc who supposedly gathered the band together, but in that case, being who he is, he used kidnapping, coercion and even cyborg clones to force Gorillaz to reform, effectively against their own will. This time, things between the cartoon band will likely be more amicable, considering it's their swansong.

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