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Meerkat's Comeback App, Houseparty, Now Has 1 Million Users

The saga of Meerkat's rise, fall and attempts to stand back up whilst being kicked in the face and neck repeatedly by Twitter and Facebook was a tragic one, and a reminder that even if you had an idea first, or even got it out into the world first, big companies may still squash you.

Even after Twitter pulled Meerkat's social graph access, leaving them to trail in the dust of bigger, beefier competitors, they still hung on, and now they've developed an entirely new app, Houseparty, and a new USP to go along with it.

Basically, once you open the app, the front facing camera automatically blinks to life and sends out push notifications to your friends that you're broadcasting live. Up to 7 of them can then join, and boom, a 'house party', only with no physical contact, or alcohol, or random strangers turning up with no warning and stealing everything that isn't nailed down.

The app was launched covertly, with no tangible link to Meerkat, reason being that while the name will always be part of their company history (their actual name is Living on Air), they don't want it associated with Houseparty. Even the developer of the app was given as a pseudonym, or rather an associate of the company who was basically a phantom on social media. A few venture capitalists messaged him asking to meet up, and all they got back was a bunch of GIFs of Daft Punk.

Meerkat's connection to the app was eventually revealed, but since then the app has gained over 1 million users, and is proving to be immensely popular with teens and university students. That success is owed to the fact that in the early stages, Living on Air were sending reps up and down the USA to campuses to push it, but they've reached a point of momentum now where the app seems set to just carry on growing.

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