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#SongbirdStories: The Rest from the Nest of #SocialMedia

The weekend is here with us again and we have another round up of the stories we just couldn't miss out on. With the Oscars last weekend, Super Tuesday and new laws being put into place you kind of have to stop and pull yourself together. Here's the little things you may have missed while you were doing so.

Instagram Blocking Deep Links to Snapchat and Telegram Accounts

Tech Crunch
So obviously you can set your Instagram profile so you can link to other websites and accounts of yours. I'm pretty sure that Facebook were hoping most people would link to their Facebook but celebrities use the links to connect to their home page and normal users to a variety of services. But Instagram no longer allows users to link to their Snapchat or Telegram profiles. Considering this isn't the first time Facebook have blocked Telegram, this is hardly a surprise and as the Telegram CEO uses Instagram himself, he is not impressed. Facebook do not like Telegram and their feud seems to be getting a little silly.

Rapper 50 Cent Reaches Out to his Son via Instagram

50 Cent has been estranged from his nineteen year old son for a few years thanks to his relationship with his Mother. The rapper has recently commented on one of his son's Instagram pictures basically saying that he'll soon be a man and that he's proud of him and glad he's happy. It's kind of heart-warming and the son replies that he's surprised his Dad remembers as he's missed birthdays but he's glad to hear from him. Of course the Mom then decides to comment and basically attacks 50 Cent for not being there. I don't know about anyone else but that certainly reminded me that their relationship is none of our business as we don't actually know what happened. Users keep commenting on it though so I guess Instagram isn't the place for reconciliation after all.

Facebook is Not the Future of VR... Apparently

Palmer Luckey, the creator of the Oculus Rift headset, has said that he doesn't think that the future of VR is with Facebook as it is. It seems like kind of a weird thing to say considering he sold it to them and with how big Zuckerberg is on it. But Luckey thinks that VR is going to more of an immersive experience, more so then you'd ever find on Facebook as you pop on and off it. It makes sense with how you see virtual reality portrayed in sci fi as you'll want to spend hours with your friends on it and you won't want to be distracted by notifications and the like. Luckey says that VR will definitely be social but the platform it stands on will have to be built from scratch.

Foo Fighters Troll Social Media Amongst Break Up Rumours

After Dave Grohl performed alone at the Oscars many people were reporting that the Foo Fighters were going to split up. Since no one seemed to be getting the picture they posted an announcement on Twitter and later a video that seemed to be saying that Dave thought he could go solo and that the rest of the band planned to replace him with Nick Lachey. I have to admit, Nick did a pretty good cover of Everlong but the video ended with a typed announcement saying that the Foo Fighters were definitely not breaking up. It was an amusing way to dispel the rumours but some of the comments on YouTube kind of proved that not everyone watched the end of the video. They'll get the message eventually.

Apple Now Have a Customer Service Twitter

Finally Apple have released a central Twitter account, or as close as they're going to get for now anyway. The account is for Apple Support and they can help people who use Apple products with a variety of issues. This means you might not have to stumble into an Apple shop anymore only to find out you just need to press a button to fix something. The account will also be tweeting tips to make using your Apple products easier. Apple still do not have a main Apple account but Apple Support might actually help encourage more companies to provide customer service via Twitter.

Messenger Users Can Now Send Music Links from Spotify

Do you like to listen to music on Spotify whilst you chat on Messenger? I'm sure many of you do and it can be a pain finding a link of the song to share on YouTube or just typing out what it is. Facebook have realised that music integration could do them some good and have even created their own Spotify playlist. On Messenger if you click the 'other' option you'll have the chance to click on Spotify. It'll open up the app and you'll be able to quickly send the song or playlist you're talking about then hop back to Messenger. The recipient can click the link and be sent to Spotify to add the song to a list of their own. You could technically already send songs to Messenger from Spotify but apparently Facebook and Spotify feel that users want instant clicks and no typing.

NY Resident Posts Photo to Facebook in Hope of Finding Biological Father

Another family-related story for you, this time it's about an 18 year old from New York who is looking for his Father through Facebook. He posted a photo of himself with a sign explaining where he was conceived and naming his Mother. He claims he wants nothing other than to meet the man. The photo has been drowned in comments with people all across the USA sharing it and saying where it's been shared. There doesn't seem to be any news so far but good luck to him.

Tumblr will be at SXSW but No Crystal Castles After Online Outcry

It's not a surprise that if any social media service were going to throw a feminism themed event that it would be Tumblr. The event will held at South by South West in Texas and will contain music, speakers and art installations. The band Crystal Castles were originally supposed to perform but after people realised that the lead singer had said negative things in the past that would make him a bad fit for a feminist event, Tumblr users kicked off and they have been removed from the listing. If you can trust Tumblr when it comes to one thing, it's that users get things done.

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