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Want to Know Who a #Celebrity Follows on #Instagram? #Being Lets You See

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We all know that Instagram is a site and an app you can easily scroll through when you're bored. It gives you a way of seeing what's going on in the lives of your friends, of celebrities and of people you admire. But even with people posting a couple of times a day you still run out of pictures to look at and Instagram begins to look a bit dull.

There's a new iOS app that connects to Instagram that could solve this problem for you. Being allows you look through Instagram feeds as someone else. It isn't a hack or anything and you can't do anything as that user, it just connects to their following list and shows you what they would see.

You don't need an Instagram account of your own to use the app and you can either use Instagram as one of the trending accounts or search for someone else, as long as their account is public. However having an Instagram and connecting it up has its benefits. If you're logged in then you can easily view your friends feeds and you can also choose to like or follow any accounts yourself to spruce up your own feed.

As an app that allows you to find more social media accounts to follow, it is interesting. There is still kind of a creepy element to it, though. Yes, it's limited to public accounts and you can't do anything as the user but it's almost like going up to someone and staring at their Instagram feed behind them. It seems cool but unless you're instafamous yourself, you might feel a little uncomfortable if people are viewing your Instagram account and now know who you follow and what you like to look at. But then again, it might bother you at all.

If you are interested in this app then it is simple to use. If you open up the account of someone fairly popular or who follows a lot of people it might be a little slow so be aware of that. It's easy to find people either through their username or, if you don't know what you're looking for, through the popular category options. This app probably does work best if you have an Instagram account because if you connect yours up it can make it more of a social experience rather than just a creeping one.

It's an original idea and it'll be interesting to see how well it does but considering Instagram have yet to actually say anything about the app... You can't be sure how happy they're going to be with it.

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