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#Instagram Has Scrapped the #11Likes Rule

You may (or may not) have noticed how on Instagram when you get likes on a photo it shows the users' names up until 11 people have liked it. Any more than 11 likes and it just shows a heart with numbers beside it.

Well, to catch up with the big boys (Twitter and Facebook), Instagram have finally decided to scrap the naming and shaming of likers and stick with the simple, tried and tested numbers thing instead. Regardless of whether you have had 1 or 11 likes.


The feature has been tested for a little while now but as usual with Instagram's sporadic adding and deleting of features, nothing official has actually been announced by the social network, we've just been forced to discover things for ourselves.

Now whilst you may think this is a minor change, unworthy of the news, I need to stress to you how important this 11 likes saga had become for big time users. Having 11 likes on your photos had somehow become the highest honour on social media.

When you post a picture on Instagram it goes one of two ways. You're either an #InstaNerd with #InstaSuccess (11+ likes) or you're an #InstaFail and there are a couple of names (your sister's or your best friend's for example) beneath it. Those names sit there and mock you. They highlight to the rest of the world that you let yourself down, your family down and most of all, Instagram down.
For an amateur, getting 11 likes per photo ain't an easy ride. People were starting to make extreme and questionable sacrifices to ensure they got sufficient likes on their photos.
The moment you see a photo that is so damn important, so special, so magnificent that it only has a number below it, that's how you know you've made it. Now, there is no wait for 11 likes.

Maybe I'm thinking way too into this. But I'm not alone, "Now when I post a pic and get 5 likes I won't feel like a loser," says one Twitter user.
People are rejoicing that finally we can all be equal and look cool together.

All joking aside, I do wonder if this will have an effect on how we like on Instagram even further. Will we hold back on our precious likes if no-one else has liked it now? Will the magical number 11 still hold some power over its Instagramming teens? Well, we shall simply have to wait and see. But for now we can go and be free to Instagram with confidence.


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